The Harken PowerSeat used to Inspect the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Dallas Texas.

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The Harken PowerSeat proved once again to be the product of choice for reducing time, cost, and risk when working at height.

Harken’s USA Industrial team worked in conjunction with TranSystems Engineering, to make the first inspection of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas,Texas. This Santiago Calatrava design presented obvious challenges to the inspection of its fracture-critical, cable-stayed construction.

Testimonial from TranSystems Engineering

The Harken PowerSeat was an instrumental tool in the recent fracture-critical member (FCM) bridge inspection of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge this past June by TranSystems Corporation. Inspection of the signature cable-stayed structure in Dallas, Texas required numerous vertical ascents to a height of over 400 feet. In the summer heat of North Texas, it was critical that our staff avoid fatigue. The PowerSeat proved ideal in realizing this goal. This tool allowed the team to operate effortlessly and efficiently and helped them complete their work quickly, avoiding excessive exposure to the sun.

Operating the PowerSeat was very intuitive. Ascents, even to significant heights, were smooth and comfortable for our SPRAT-certified bridge inspectors. The PowerSeat engine was very easy to start and could be turned off and on while on ropes to save gas and reduce noise when working at a single location for a long period of time. Our work typically included two inspectors operating in tandem on PowerSeats. Minimal engine noise helped them maintain communication, even while applying the throttle. Positioning and stability were made painless by using the front stem of the PowerSeat. The tie-off points on the stem, eyebolt, and lower frame allowed inspectors to keep clipboards and rope bags nearby, but safely out of the way.

The versatility of the PowerSeat greatly increases its usefulness onsite. The ability to either sit on or hang from beneath the PowerSeat makes it a more useful tool for inspectors. In addition, based on their personal work preferences, these options help them feel more comfortable. The PowerSeat can also be used as a winch, allowing our team to use it to hoist equipment to the top of large pylons or towers. Inspectors can readily exit or climb into the PowerSeat while it is in operation, increasing the safety of our team in the event of an emergency

With all these functions, the PowerSeat will continue to serve as an integral tool in our safety plans for future bridge inspections.



Image from Sean Cogan.

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