Case Study – Davit Winch

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Atlas carbon fiber davits are designed to make light work of a variety of lifting tasks. These davits are rated to lift up to 500 kg (1102 lb), but are light enough to be removed by hand. The company’s requirement was for powered or manual winches that would protect the rope and maximize its lifespan during winching operations. Harken provided a simple solution with a custom-designed kern on the winch drum that keeps rope wear to a minimum, thus extending line life. With a maximum pull of 900 kg (1984 lb), Harken’s lightweight, low-profile UniPower Radial winch was the perfect choice as a motorized option. Its clean lines worked perfectly with the Atlas carbon davits.

Harken blocks in the purchase system made lifting extremely efficient. Their high-load capabilities fulfilled the requirements for certified applications, allowing the user to lift and lower high loads with confidence.

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