Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Inspection

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The Harken PowerSeat was recently used to position workers for inspection of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. Below is the report from Gemini Rope Access Solutions owner, Trask Bradbury.

When it comes to getting a job done, having the right tool to complete the task is imperative, no matter what industry you work in. In January 2013, Stantec Engineering, with the SPRAT Level-3 assistance of Gemini Rope Access Solutions, inspected the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. The structure is located just 1,500 feet downstream of the great Hoover Dam. This was the bridge’s second inspection since its completion.

Some of the support columns for the bridge are over 300-feet and terminate on a steep rock outcrop. After hearing about the Harken PowerSeat through a friend, I immediately came to the conclusion that this was the perfect tool for getting these columns inspected quickly, safely, and efficiently. I went through a crash course in Denver at the PMI/VRS training center run by Harken’s Sean Cogan. I learned that workers can not only relax comfortably in a seat, but can also ascend and descend a rope in no time at all without exerting themselves. The minimal noise coming from this miracle machine makes communication easy, even at full throttle. Plus, pull-starting this gem is so fast you’ll want to throw away all your weed wackers and lawn mowers.

Hoover dam


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As a SPRAT Level 3, I was in charge of the rescue plan should a mishap occur during inspection. One of the two PowerSeats we had on this job was dedicated for a top-down rescue plan that would make hauling a live load up-and-over the edge a snap, with minimal exertion. There is a time and place for every tool, and the PowerSeat was certainly an essential tool that enabled the engineers at Stantec to complete their inspection a day early. You can’t do a job without the right tools, and that’s why the Harken PowerSeat should be in everyone’s tool bag.

Below is a quote from Nicholas Cioffredi, Senior Structural Engineer for Stantec.

Stantec wants to thank Harken for the PowerSeat used during the O’Callaghan-Tillman Memorial Bridge inspection this past January. The numerous long ascents of 300-plus feet were made significantly easier with the PowerSeat, enabling our staff to stay fresh, more alert, and ultimately safer. Increased efficiency during long ascents lessens fatigue, and may allow operators to function with smaller staff, increasing cost savings to customers. During ascents, the PowerSeat moved smoothly. We also had the ability to stop and make detailed inspections without turning the PowerSeat off. Additionally, the PowerSeat was a vital piece of our rescue plan in the event an injured climber needed to be raised to the deck—lowering was not an option on this site. This function was tested and verified in a warehouse setting prior to the inspection.

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