Architecture Case Study – Sliding Roofs, Windows, and Doors

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Company: Glazing Vision (UK), Jail Doors (USA), Florida Shopping Mall (USA),
and Seaway.

Problem: Moving large-scale, heavy, hurricane-proof panels at height was proving difficult and dangerous for workers. The sliding units required a 4:1 load factor. This, combined with limited space on the roof, made a reduction in the weight/load of the roof panels imperative so they could be moved under complete control.

Solution: Harken was asked to solve the company’s weight-management problem. The Industrial team suggested using a fiction-free system that would enable the panels to easily slide into position. This was achieved using a standard Small Boat track and car system, Big Boat track and traveler car system, and  free-running Torlon® roller bearings for the hurricane doors. The result was a much safer method for moving these large, heavy panels as well as for reducing worker fatigue and the chance of  injury.


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