Access and Rescue Case Study – Gondola Evacuation Exercise in Switzerland

In anticipation of the winter season, the Harken PowerSeat was used to carry out evacuation drills from cable cars at two ski resorts in Switzerland.

The exercise involved two teams from a local fire department of Pistoia, Italy, a mountain rescue team, and a team from the ski resort in Switzerland. During the exercises, rescue personnel put the PowerSeat through its paces. This included a two-person rescue to evacuate the cable car. The PowerSeat is the only tool of its kind with the ability and rating for two-person rescue that doesn’t have to switch equipment from ascent to descent. It also allows the rescuer to descend without adding friction to the system. One of the biggest benefits is that the rescuer is in complete control of ascent and descent speeds, allowing the rescuer to speed-up the descent to reach the patient faster, or slow the descent to administer medical attention.

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