Access and Rescue Case Study – PowerSeat Rescue Training in the Sudtirol Dolomites

On January 11, 2014, the Alpine Rescue Team from Meran, Italy demonstrated the use of the PowerSeat Compact. The team simulated a situation in which a person had fallen into a ravine, seriously injuring himself. Using the PowerSeat Compact as transport, rescuers showed how it could help access difficult-to-reach areas and extract a casualty.

A team member was positioned on top of the ravine to check rope attachment. Two team members were then lowered on the PowerSeat. One rescuer operated the system, the other secured the stretcher and casualty to the seat. The team communicated via radio during the ascent to the top of the ravine where medical treatment could be administered.

Harken Industrial’s solution was well received because the PowerSeat enabled operators to work securely, without becoming fatigued and risking injury.

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