PowerSeat Used to Work on the Hongrin Dam in Switzerland

Markus Stauffer recently trialed the Harken PowerSeat while completing a job on Switzerland’s Hongrin Dam. Built in 1969, the 1255 meter (4117 ft) dam is a major water reservoir used to produce electricity for western Switzerland.

This vault dam consists of two arches 93 m (305 ft) and 123 m (404 ft) in height. The total length of the dam is 325 m (1066 ft). Marcus completed projects on both the downstream and upstream sides of the dam.

The first task was to install a downstream net to catch fish caught in the dam’s outer gates. The goal was to recover the fish so they wouldn’t mix with those in the river.

The second task was upstream of the dam. Because of the increased water flow from the turbines, old grids needed to be replaced with new ones that were reinforced. The new grid is 8 m (26 ft) in diameter, consists of three parts, and weighs a little more than three tons. It is positioned about 80 m (262 ft) below the top of the dam, with welded bolts every 30 cm (11.8 inches).

Hon Dam_300

Hon Dam2_300

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