Harken Industrial to join Sail Tech at the 2014 Turvallisus Safety, Security, and Rescue Exhibition

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Exhibition: Turvallisus Safety, Security, and Rescue
Date: September 3 – 5, 2014
Location: Jyväskylä Pavilion, Lutakko Square 12, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland

This September, Harken Industrial will team with Sail Tech to promote a range of load-management equipment designed to improve operator productivity and safety during routine load-management jobs that require working at height. The main themes of the exhibition are fire and rescue, fire safety engineering, emergency care/response systems, security, access control, and security systems. Harken Industrial has worked closely with companies in all of these sectors, providing unique solutions to their daily requirements. Harken’s technique of using high-tech Dyneema® rope over wire is revolutionizing the way operators are working at height and managing heavy loads.

Working at height solutions on display:

PowerSeat: These gas or electric-powered seating systems provide a safer, more efficient way of working at height, and allow the operator to ascend quickly, stay in position longer, and work in comfort.

Track and Car systems: These rugged ball bearing track and car systems enable operators to move loads easily at height and are designed to handle dirty, salty environments without clogging or binding.

Universal Mounting Plate winch system (UMP): The UMP kit provides the user with a lightweight, CE certified, portable winch mounted to a robust adaptor plate. Weighing only 7 kg (15.4 lb), with a 1/2 ton working load limit, the 2-speed winch magnifies operator pulling power by up to 40 times. The multiple mounting options provide versatility when working in difficult or remote environments. The UMP is simple to use and has diverse applications: utility masts, telecoms, marine, wind turbine transition piece davits, stage and theater rigging, construction, and access and rescue.

Access winch system: CE certified man-riding winch. This powerful winch offers a super-lightweight solution for lifting, lowering, and holding loads in access, and in rescue and mobile applications. Using an action similar to cycling, one person can lift up to 500 kg (1103 lb).

Visit us at the Sail Tech stand (C2-325) or contact us today for more information on safety enhancing/load management solutions!

T: 01590 689 122

E: info@harkenindustrial.com

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