Harken PowerSeat and Roller Sling used to aid Abseilon in Grand Canyon Skywalk Project

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Working at height and rope access.


Abseilon USA.


To provide specialized equipment that allowed the Abseilon team to carry out contracted work at height and debris removal at the Grand Canyon Skywalk in Arizona.


When Abseilon USA reached out to Harken Industrial for specialized equipment, we were honored to be a part of the project which went well beyond cleaning the glass.

Harken’s Roller Slings were introduced and directly implemented to aid the climbing portion of the access plan. The Harken Universal Mounting Plate winch system (UMP) and Skyhook winches were on standby for hauling operations, completing the rescue/recovery strategy. 

The PowerSeat joined the line of winches by playing a vital role in accessing the canyon’s depths and hauling out years of collected debris. Abseilon’s rope technicians were able to access never-before-explored parts of the canyon to gather what the wind had left behind, and to help preserve this sacred area.


Abseilon reviews the use of Harken products for the Grand Canyon Skywalk project.


“The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a transparent horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge and tourist attraction in Arizona. It’s located near the Colorado River on the edge of a side canyon in the Grand Canyon West area of the main canyon. The Skywalk is the world’s highest structure to use glass flooring that lets visitors look 4,700 feet over the canyon’s floor. Our company, Abseilon USA, was tasked with the job of cleaning the more than 40 glass panes that make up the Skywalk’s underside, and for hoisting trash from the canyon floor at two different locations.


“I had first learned about the Harken Powerseat from an email sent to me from Paulo Cuccia. While watching the video, I was amazed at the effortless ascent of a technician using this motorized conveyance. When the time came for our team to strategize on how to hoist the trash from the canyon’s Guano Point and Eagle Point locations, I immediately brought up the idea of the PowerSeat. I phoned Harken’s Sean Cogan and spoke with him about using the PowerSeat for this portion of the project. Sean then provided me with information about Harken’s latest products that would help get this project done more efficiently.


“We have all heard the saying, ‘the right tool for the right job’, and ‘you are only as good as your tools.’ These sayings are very true when it comes to using the latest technology for a project as large as the Skywalk. We chose the Universal Mounting Plate (also known as the UMP), a lightweight portable winch, multiple Roller Slings for moving about the Skywalk’s gusset rail, and two Harken PowerSeats to safely complete the trash-hoist section of this project,


“Accessing the underside of the Skywalk came with many challenges, including the complicated rigging which used approximately 4,000 feet of rope. The ability to move about on the Roller Slings gave us a huge advantage by using rollers to move our body weight rather than straps (which we needed to lift). The trash hoist utilized the PowerSeat to descend and then ascend our technicians up from 300 feet below with ease.”


“Amazing! Remember the saying, ‘You are only as good as your tools’? When it comes to making a great investment in the right tools, I can fully appreciate Harken products. You have  a minimum investment into equipment that can help you reap maximum rewards.

“Thank you Sean and Harken Industrial, you are now part of an amazing project – the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon.”

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