Access Rail used for maintenance/glass cleaning on La Rinascente building

Market: La Rinascente tile image 250 x 1000 px



Milan, Italy.


La Rinascente, a luxury shopping center in the heart of Milan.


Devise a method for maintenance/glass-cleaning on the La Rinascente building. This had not been done because of the extreme difficulty of installing a classic safety lifeline into the thin aluminum of the attachment structures. In addition, the owner of the building did not want an aesthetically invasive solution.


After in-house testing, using an aluminum profile similar to the structures installed on La Rinascente, the Harken Industrial team set up two main  and five small safety lines.

They chose Harken’s Access Rail system for the job, using a special blue/grey rail (without pinstop holes) that was fixed every10 cm with screws put directly into the aluminum profile.

This solution resulted in a system that was practically invisible, providing the aesthetically pleasing look the customer required. Safety, of course, was paramount. In case of a fall, the numerous fastenings would distribute the load, preserving the aluminum structure and keeping operators  safe.

Watch the video of this project on YouTube HERE.

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Image ©Paolo Cuccia, Harken Italy