Access Rail system installed in atrium of large commercial multinational building

Market: Harken Industrial access rail austria tile image 250  x 1000 px

Working at height.


Omicron Industry, Austria.


The client required a solution that would enable maintenance crews to abseil (rappel) up and down the building for cleaning and maintenance, and to navigate around obstacles (such as sculptures) as they worked.


Harken Industrial Access Rail systems were fixed with long screws every 30 mm to the atrium’s wooden beams.

The wooden ceiling was constructed and installed by Frick Burtscher HOLZ MIT TECHNIK GMBH (Dornbirn, Austria). The company also installed the Harken Access Rail system (R 27).

The Harken Access Rail system provided an aesthetic, unobtrusive solution that allowed technicians ease of access to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units as well as ducting and blinds—all without requiring mobile elevating work platforms or building maintenance units.

The result was a solution that was visually unobtrusive, while providing operators convenient rope access to safely carry out essential cleaning and maintenance work with ease.

The benefit of using Harken Industrial’s Access Rail systems for this project was it combined design and functionality, providing an unobtrusive solution for access and maintenance without affecting the serviceability and appearance of the building.

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