Hire the PowerSeat to increase efficiency during adverse weather for telecom’s mast decomissioning project


Working at height.
Telecommunications mast rigging.


Isle of Wight, UK.


Leading communications infrastructure and media services company.


When working on large telecommunications masts during the winter months, work was often limited by weather and reduced daylight hours, leaving only a small window in which to get the job done. The considerable amount of time it took operators to climb the masts shortened the maintenance window even more. This could result in projects being delayed and costs to rise.

Our customer required a solution that would allow workers to ascend/descend the masts quickly, and carry out essential maintenance in the small amount of time allowed.


The decision was made to hire the Harken PowerSeat. Its ascent speed of 15m/min saved workers a significant amount of time, allowing them to complete the project on schedule. In this instance, the gas (petrol) version of the seat was chosen because of its versatility in remote locations.

This unique tool enables operators to sit on a man-riding winch and quickly ascend/descend in up to half the time of a manual climb. The powered motor not only decreases set-up time, it also reduces operator fatigue by removing the need to climb the mast by hand. Once the operator is in position, the PowerSeat can be used as a portable winch to raise/lower equipment, antennae, and steelwork.

“By hiring the PowerSeat on a short term basis, our clients were able to prove its effectiveness within their own application and working practices without the need for a larger scale investment. The total project cost savings could then be calculated in order to build the business case for the investment in the PowerSeat on a long term basis.” David Lawson, Harken Industrial technical specialist.

The Harken Technical Sales team were also able to offer onsite training to the rigging team to ensure the equipment was used in a safe manner and could fully utilize its capabilities throughout the project.

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