Harken Gas PowerSeat used to clean window in central London 14-story building

Working at Height / Utilities / Architectural.

Ontario Point, Canada Water, London, UK.

A commercial cleaning services/building maintenance company. .

A 14-story highrise residential building in Canada Water in London presented the challenge of regular cleaning and building maintenance with limited facade access.

At the top of the Ontario Point building, there is a three-meter-high glass wall , which surrounds the rooftop terrace, making the building’s facade inaccessible from above. To complete the work, the contractors required full access to all four facades in order to clean the windows and carry out the other regular maintenance.

The restricted access from the top of the building meant standard practices for access were questionable . To gain rope access to the facades, they devised an innovative method for anchoring the ropes to the top of the building. Even with this, the facade would still have to be accessed from ground level , resulting in time consuming and energetic rope climbs for the maintenance crew.

To gain the all-important rope access anchor points at the top of the building, a mobile davit arm was designed and manufactured. This would accommodate a working line and a backup line to be rigged over the three-meter glass terrace wall.

The davit was securely bolted to the terrace at multiple positions by installing mounting fittings below removable tiles and decking. This allowed quick and easy movement around the entire roof terrace, enabling access to all four of the building’s facades. With the issue of facade access now solved, the project manager then looked at the productivity of the maintenance team. Climbing the building’s facades means strenuous work for technicians, limited man hours in the working day, and low productivity for the man hours worked.

In countless climbing scenarios, the Harken PowerSeat is an extremely efficient alternative, providing an ascent speed, up to 15 m/min (49.2 ft/min).

Using Harken’s Gas PowerSeat to ascend the ropes from the ground means the strenuous climbing is completely eliminated from this situation. It enables the technicians to focus all their energy on completing the task at hand, not wasting it on scaling the facade before starting the job. The company completes their scheduled cleaning and maintenance efficiently in a quick, safe manner, while using the PowerSeat for a full day’s work at height.

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