Harken Industrial exhibits at Seawork 2015!

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seawork15 promo 1170 x 405Seawork 2014Event: Seawork Commercial Marine & Workboat Conference
Location: ABP Port of Southampton, UK
Date: 16 – 18 June 2015
Stand: B101

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Harken Industrial launches innovative NEW products at Seawork 2015.

Visit Harken Industrial’s interactive stand and be among the first to see our LokHead winch and TR31 (Tight Radius system) on display.

Join Andy Ash-Vie, Managing Director for Harken Industrial UK Ltd, in conference center room two, at 14:00 hours on Tuesday 16th June.  He will discuss “How more power and less weight benefit a company’s bottom line”.  His talk will explain how marine and offshore companies can improve safety, efficiency, and save money using today’s powerful lifting and pulling solutions.

With over 48 years of experience working in extreme marine environments, Harken Industrial engineers are experts in designing and manufacturing safe, weight-critical load-management systems using high-tech fibrous rope. Corrosion-resistant products have extremely high strength-to-weight ratios, and are offered in aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, and high-tech plastic.

The Harken Industrial product range includes winches, pulleys, and rail and cars. Applications include: fall protection, lifting and rigging, transfer craft recovery systems, portable offshore winching.  These products are also excellent for use in the renewable energy and industrial sectors.


This year Harken is entering their portable LokHead captive winch into the Seawork Innovation Showcase competition.

This unique winch combines manual winch technology with a captive head that holds rope securely, preventing freefall and enhancing safety.

Winch technology is well established; however, the versatility of the LokHead enables operators to use it for man-riding operations, mounted on tripods for confined rescue procedures, and for general load lifting tasks. In an environment where demands are greater and faster results required, safety is paramount.  The easy-to-use LokHead manual winch diminishes the risk of human error, with accidental release no longer a danger.

LokHead winch: lightweight, safe, ergonomic, and versatile
This portable man-riding/load-lifting winch has a high strength-to-weight ratio. The captive head rope feed allows safe use, and automatically holds the rope if it is released.

Ideal for: confined space rescue, load moving/hauling, and man-riding.  The LokHead winch can be rigged to a tripod.


TR31 (Tight Radius system): safe, compact, durable, and easy to use

The TR31 is a continuous rail system with adjustable anchorage points for fall restraint and arrest on vessels and offshore structures. Once clipped to the car, the operator is able to move freely along the rail with complete security.

Ideal for: Commercial Marine vessels, including pilot boats, ferries, naval vessels, and oil rigs


Riggers Winch 200 and 500
Access Rail with PowerSeat
Roller Sling and Bosuns Chair
Rib Track
Load Assist system
A range of pulleys (including utility snatch, SBL’s) and padeyes

Don’t miss out!    Visit our stand to see all these products in action.
Got a question?  To make an enquiry please contact info@harkenindustrial.com or on +44 (0)1590 689122


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