McLube® Antifoul Alternative keeps RIB hulls and tubes in good condition

McLube Antifoul AlternativeMarket:  
Commercial Marine

Weymouth, UK

A RIB Hire company

A well-known company that was looking for ways to decrease the cost and amount of time required for maintenance of its large fleet of frequently-used, rigid-hulled Inflatable boats.

With short turn-around times before rehire, the company wanted a product that would keep the RIB hulls in top-notch operating condition for several rotations before they required the removal of marine growth and slime.

McLube® Antifoul Alternative was applied to polish the rigid hull, hypalon tubes, drive shaft, and propeller.

After a two week trial, the results proved outstanding, with zero appreciable marine growth on any of the RIBs below the waterline. They could be quickly rinsed off and readied to ship to the next customer.

Note: When the coach boats were pulled from the water after an Olympic Classes regatta, the RIB hull treated with Antifoul Alternative was completely clean. The hulls of the other coach boats (pulled at the same time) looked more than a bit “green” from the accumulation of slime and marine growth.

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McLube is a registered trademark of McGee Industries, Inc.

Hypalon is a registered trademark of E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.


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