Innovative LokHead Winch Now Available with New Robust Mounting Plate and Accessories

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The LokHead is a proven high-load, low-friction winch that is the perfect choice for weight-critical jobs where safety and load management are the number one priority. Its lightweight 4.2 kg (9 lb), portable design and use of an unlimited length of fibrous rope make this self-tailing winch an ideal choice for confined space and rescue operations, working at height, on a crane, and a host of other purposes. The ergonomic design reduces fatigue and optimizes operator strength, while safety features such as locking jaws offer complete protection against free fall or accidental release

LokHead Winch Kit

As a convenience to customers, Harken Industrial is offering the LokHead and its accessories fully-boxed in a heavy-duty storage case that allows safe transport and rapid deployment. The kit includes the LokHead, a new robust mounting plate, universal tripod adapter, winch handle, and anchor strop with connectors to offer a variety of mounting options: clamped to tripods, rigged to ropes/strops, or anchored direct to structures.

Customers also have the option to purchase the winch and handle and individual accessories/spares separately.

“We are really delighted with what our design team have come up with. The combination of the LokHead winch and the mounting brackets delivers a fantastic multi-functional lifting and pulling machine that will really make life easier for everybody that works with rope.”

Andy Ash-Vie, Managing Director, Harken Industrial UK.