Harken Introduces the TR31 Tight Radius Rail and Trolley System for Commercial Marine

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Allows User to Move Freely Without Unhooking/Rehooking the Tether

The Harken TR31 continuous rail and trolley system allows a crew member, fully-harnessed and securely tethered to the trolley, to move freely along the rail with fall restraint security during inspection and maintenance, or when assisting in pilot transfer. Both rail and trolley are fabricated of high-strength, marine-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, a material proven to withstand the harshest environments on the planet. Trolleys and rail are available in black hardcoat or clear-anodized finishes for maximum corrosion protection. An optional brake trolley with manual screwpin keeps the tether trolley immobile when not in use.

Rail sections are composed of straight, curved, and 200 mm radiused bends that can accommodate changes in direction in both horizontal and vertical planes and at slope angles of 30, 45, 60, and 90-degrees, ensuring the user never has to unhook, but remains safely attached to the trolley.

The compact trolley fits neatly into narrow decks and small work spaces. It features Delrin® rollers for smooth, uninterrupted movement along the rail’s full length. The TR31 has been tested to 1200 kg (2645 lb)—2 x MCA requirements.

“Our customers are crying out for a truly effective tether system for their commercial craft. They need to keep their crew safe in the roughest of conditions whilst having a system that is reliable, long-lasting and easy to work with,” said Andy Ash-Vie, Harken Industrial Managing Director in the UK. “The last thing you need in those circumstances is a system that hangs up or binds. Our trolley runs smoothly around very tight radii and perfectly aligned joints, thus ensuring the operator can keep moving around the deck without hindrance.”

The Harken Tight Radius Rail and Trolley system can be either surface or stanchion mounted and is easy to install at initial build or as a retrofit. Trolleys require no lubrication. Simply flush clean with fresh water and mild detergent to remove grease, dirt, and salt build-up.

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