Harken Industrial upgrade Hexaratchet® pulleys to accommodate industrial demands

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Hexaratchet tile imageHarken Industrial’s Hexaratchet is part of a family of over 470 different types of pulley within the Harken range. With breaking loads from 0.5 to 946 kN, our pulleys are used in a wide variety of industries from theater and stunt work, to cable laying, load towing, and working at height.

Each application comes with unique requirements, which means pulley specification and the way the load is applied is always carefully considered.

About the Hexaratchet pulley

The 1549 Hexaratchet® pulley securely grips highly-loaded rope while allowing easy release with complete control. A switch on the side of the pulley allows easy engagement/disengagement of the ratchet mechanism.

Industrial load handling

The industrial sector requires pulleys that can handle extremely high loads. But they must also withstand the effects of the frequent and sudden deceleration/acceleration forces of shock loading.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of marine hardware, Harken’s extensive line of pulleys is noted for handling extremely high loads; however, in marine applications, loading is normally gradual. In the industrial sector, loads can be more impact based.

Upgrading the pulley to meet industrial demands

As a result, the Torlon® pawls inside Harken Industrial’s Hexaratchet pulleys have been replaced with stainless steel to support high-impact shock loading. Now certified to EN13157, with a working load limit of 5 kN, the upgraded 1549 Hexaratchet meets the demands of the industrial sector, making the Hexaratchet pulley an excellent choice for industrial applications.

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