Harken Industrial Access and Rescue innovations come to The Emergency Services Show

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ESS_CP 3_940Date: 21-22nd September 2016

Location: Birmingham

Stand: C19

Event website: The Emergency Services Show – Visit the site for free registration.

Key products on display: PowerSeatLokHead man-riding capstan winchRiggers Winch,
Purchase systems and pulleys.

Applications: fall protection, diver recovery, lifting, rigging, transfer craft recovery systems, portable offshore winching, in renewable and industrial sectors.

Who is Harken Industrial?

Harken Industrial has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, and marketing top-of-the-line products for 50 years. We have world-renowned service, two (2) state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the US and Italy, and professionals with decades of experience designing products that stand up to the harshest conditions. Harken has 11 offices worldwide and our distributor network spans 48 countries.

Our philosophy is simple: lighter weight and less friction are better. Equipment is more mobile, your team is safer and more agile, there is less strain on workers and on load-bearing infrastructure, and your organization can complete jobs with smaller teams. These advantages translate into increased safety as well as long-term benefits to the bottom line.


LokHead Winch

This self-tailing, man-riding capstan winch is now available with a mounting plate and tripod adapter. It has a safe and secure captive head which keeps the rope from accidentally releasing, and can be used anywhere a load needs to be lifted/lowered. Rigged to a tripod, the innovative LokHead can be used in confined-space rescue operations for load moving/hauling and man-riding. A variety of mounting options and unlimited length of fibrous rope make the LokHead perfect for fixed or temporary applications and rescue.

Riggers Winch

The CE certified portable winch mounts to a strong, lightweight adapter plate with multiple attachment points that provide operators versatility when working in challenging or remote locations. Attachment fittings range from ratchet straps, M10 bolts, and karabiners, to scaffold clamps, depending on the environment and industry. Offered in two (2) sizes, the single -speed Riggers Winch 200 weighs only 4 kg (8 lb) with a maximum rated load of 1.96 kN. The 2-speed Riggers Winch 500 weighs 7 kg (15.4 lb) and magnifies operator pulling power by up to 40 times.


The PowerSeat is used by rope-access operators as a comfortable, powered ascender and manual friction-brake descender for working at height. Harken’s range of gasoline, electric and compact PowerSeats are low-friction, safety-enhancing solutions that reduce the risk of operator injury and increase productivity when working in such diverse areas as mountain rescue, structural maintenance, telecommunication installations, portable winching, and overhead line maintenance.

Live demonstrations

Harken Industrial’s Technical Team will demonstrate rescue techniques with the PowerSeat man-riding winch live at stand C19.

The team will use the PowerSeat to hoist a person to the ceiling and  down again to demonstrate the quick and easy operational features of this unique system for working at height.

Got a project?

We value our next project with you as much as our first, so we dedicate ourselves to making sure you are satisfied with both the process and the end product. Contact us today and we’ll happily discuss how our solutions can help make your projects simpler, faster and safer.

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