HARKEN MOB 6:1 Recovery System

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Yacht owners and operators have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for passengers and crew, which is no less than that of any other commercial vessels. Accounting for 80% of deaths at sea, MOB events require crews to have a robust rescue procedure in place, with the crew trained and drilled to provide a quick and effective response in order to mitigate risks from injury, exposure (hyperthermia), and drowning.


A key challenge to recovering a MOB is the sheer weight of the casualty. When the casualty is fully dressed, waterlogged clothing can add 30 kg (66 lb) to the load. Falls from increasingly high sides of vessels such as superyachts, or large work boats, further compounds risks of concussion and other injuries, making a recovery increasingly difficult. Man-overboard can occur at any time potentially limiting the availability of competent crew or guests to assist with recovery. Complex solutions to MOB recovery become counter-productive when those called on to assist lack familiarity or experience.


For any yacht owner or operator, an effective and safe response to a MOB incident is essential to the security of all crew and passengers, and the reputation of the boat.


The Harken 6:1 MOB Recovery System provides a simple to operate lifting solution for casualty recovery incorporating Harken’s strong-but-light low-friction pulleys. A 6:1 pulling ratio and low-friction 57mm ball bearing sheaves reduce the lifting load, enabling one person to complete the recovery.  Ratchet sheaves further decrease the strength it takes to hold of the load between pulls, and a karabiner provides quick and easy attachment to the casualty. Rated to 136 kg (300 Ib), the system can be operated by a small adult.

Harken products are the leading choice for recreational and professional sailors worldwide. The Harken 6:1 MOB Recovery System can be found at work in some of the most demanding situations including deep-sea dive operations.

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