Load Handling in restricted spaces

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Load handlingSituation:-

With one quarter of the world’s 4,476 superyachts available for charter, ensuring their availability during the season is critical to the business model and the reputation of operators and owners. Expectations of charterers are high with the anticipation of a premium experience when visiting exclusive ports and anchorages. For owners too, access to their vessels and the ability to set course for a favorite destination on a whim are paramount.


Taking a ship out of service for unplanned maintenance in the season is a last resort, when this incurs commercial losses whilst waiting for yard availability & works to be completed are incurred.


For engineers and crew of superyachts, the ability to carry out maintenance tasks in the restricted space of an engine room is constrained by the need to move heavy components such as pumps and generators. The restricted space makes extracting and moving equipment to and from a workbench a testing task with risks of injury to crew, and damage to the boat.


Harken trolley and rail systems provide a simple but effective way to move heavy loads around the restricted spaces typical of a superyacht engine room. With load ratings up to 11.12 kN (1134 kg/2500 lb), crew can safely lift, suspend, and move heavy components from engine room to workbench. All without the risk of injury or the time taken to manhandle the load, while demonstrating adherence to LOLER (UK only), and other health and safety directives.


Easy to retrofit, help is available worldwide to specify and fix trolley and rail systems from Harken’s network of approved dealers and installers.

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