Man Overboard Workshop – 25th April – Southampton, UK – Harken Industrial to Sponsor

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SM-HI-combi-image v7Harken Industrial is confirmed as a sponsor of the upcoming MAN OVERBOARD Prevention & Recovery Workshop set to take place at Grand Harbour, Southampton, UK, Tuesday 25 April 2017.

Targeted on Sub IMO / Sub 24 metre professional sector, the event is focused on the needs of operators of workboats, search & rescue, pilot boats, patrol boats, and offshore oil & wind platform support vessels (PSVs).

Commenting on the event, Andy Ash-Vie, MD of Harken UK said: “The stats speak for themselves. The significance of man o verboard cannot be underestimated or overlooked by anyone in maritime. W hile insights from past (MOB) exercises have shown  that preparedness is everything, there is a lot to learn from each other. Experience from workboats can have parallels for superyachts crews, and vice  versa. Best practice can be shared and applied across all sectors.

The organisers, Shock Mitigation, describe the event as an opportunity to bring together people with genuine interest and experience to share knowledge,  and endeavour to improve best practice across all sectors. Attendees include professional, commercial and military organisations as well as vessel operators, builders, and equipment manufacturers.

Date:     Tuesday 25 April 2017

Venue: Grand Harbour, Southampton, UK.

Map:      Venue

For more information and to book go to: MOBWORKSHOP