Davit systems – Improve handling of tenders, RIBs, and other loads

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- Improve handling of tenders, Ribs and other loads on superyachts Situation:  Without a tender bay or garage, or where space is limited, the safe loading and launching of personal watercraft or RIBs without a suitable lifting device can become an issue for crew or guests aboard superyachts.

Problem: On a superyacht, fixed davits may be limited to the recovery and stowage of only one tender. To recover additional craft, the use of multiple davits may be required to avoid a logistical challenge and risk to personal safety.

Solution: The advent of ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber davits, able to slot into conveniently located deck-sockets, enables loading to occur from a number of points on the deck. With Harken manual or electric winches incorporated into the design, lifting loads singlehandedly is possible. To further aid in an efficient lifting procedure, a purchase system containing Harken blocks is used in conjunction with the winch. This complete system allows the user to lift and lower high loads with confidence, flexibility, and ease.

When not required, carbon fiber davits are light enough to be handled and stowed by one person. Available as single or two-piece sets.

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