LokHead Winches


The increasingly diverse range of jobs carried out by workboats of all types calls for the ability to respond to a variety of tasks as situations arise.


For workboats, tugs, and working RIBs, tasks such as handling loads overside, or executing a casualty or diver recovery can arise at any time. Large winches usually fixed to a vessel’s superstructure and driven off the ship’s hydraulics may provide unlimited power, but lack the flexibility to provide pulling power where it is needed.


Until now, having the right winch in the right place has not always been possible. With the ability to locate a winch at the optimal position, alignment to the load can be achieved. The load-handling task becomes easier, with less risk of injury.


With a 40:1 power ratio and versatile mounting options, Harken’s LokHead capstan winch delivers flexible, secure load handling, with total control over unlimited lengths of fibrous rope. The captive head improves safety by eliminating accidental release of ropes up to 12.7 mm (1/2′ diameter), while offering adjustable lowering control. Operate manually with the B10AL winch handle (included), or with a power drill and drill adapter to tackle higher loads and reduce fatigue.

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