Harken powered davit systems: transforming load management

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Making light work of heavy loads on superyachts
Making light work of load handling from superyachts

With the trend toward wider roles for workboats, tugs, patrol-boats, and platform support vessels (PSV), comes the need to manage a diverse range of load-handling tasks. Superyachts, a workboat of sorts, face similar challenges as the array of jet skis, personal watercraft, tenders and increasingly large ‘playthings’ create load-handling challenges. For the crew of any vessel, the risk from strains and injuries are real when faced with heavy and oftentimes, awkward loads. For all vessels, the challenge is to be able to match loading-handling capabilities to the job at hand and reduce risk. A new generation of ultra-light davits may be a solution.

Traditionally used for the launch and recovery of tenders, davits are a valuable asset to assist with the management of any load, on or off a vessel. The downside is the likelihood they are fixed to a point on the deck, often well aft of where they are needed. If the load is overside and amidships, traditional steel davits, fixed to the ship’s superstructure and at the stern of the boat may be of limited use.


Seeing the opportunity to transform the application of davits, Atlas Carbon Products, a Lymington, UK based company, set about creating a new generation of davits with the extra benefit of being easily moved to where they are needed on a vessel. Fifteen years on, and its line of state-of-the-art carbon-fiber davits range from Baby Davits with a safe working load of 125 kg (276 lb) to Atlas Twin Davits rated up to 500 kg (1102 lb). Unlike conventional steel davit systems, weight is no longer an issue, enabling them to be easily moved from point-to-point by one person and slotted into watertight deck mountings for use where they are needed. The Atlas range can be class approved. They meet man-overboard, man-riding and rescue-boat launching standards and are approved by MOD.

Case Study
A high-profile organization called for a winching capability, powered or manual, with the requirement to protect the rope in order to maximize its lifespan over frequent and extended winching operations. Atlas Carbon Products approached Harken, a near neighbor on the South Coast of the UK. Responding to the challenge, Harken devised a simple but effective solution; a custom-designed kern on the winch drum that would keep rope wear to a minimum and extend line life. The solution was completed with the addition of Harken’s lightweight, low-profile, motorized UniPower Radial winch capable of a maximum pull of 900 kg (1984 lb). Harken blocks in the purchase system topped off the solution, making lifting extremely efficient. With the customer’s load-handling capabilities solved, plus their requirements for a certified application, its users were able to manage loads with confidence.

Harken, a leader in rope management and load-handling systems in industry and marine, has been making light work of lifting and managing loads at sea and ashore for some 50 years. Driven by its ethos of “strong-but-light and less friction”, its range of over 400 blocks and pulleys, manual and powered winches, and now with the benefit of new generations of ultralight (stronger-than-steel) fibrous ropes, are transforming load handling for marine industrial applications. Harken’s range of manual and electric winches are the preferred choice for many Atlas customers, ranging from superyachts and workboats to industrial and defense applications.

To find out how Harken’s range of manual and electric fibrous-rope winches transform the use of davit systems, contact us.

HARKEN winches power commercial marine applications of davits.
Making light work of heavy loads for industrial users












For information on Atlas Carbon Products go to http://www.atlascarbonproducts.com/