Spider Access Makes Light Work of Load Handling with Harken Riggers 500

Company: Spider AccessSpider Access LLC

Market: Access, Inspection, Façade, Building Maintenance, and Cleaning

Location: Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region

About the client: Spider Access is a UAE-based, IRATA-approved contracting entity that offers a broad range of access-related services for use on high-rise structures.

Requirements: For the construction of a suspended steel walkway for a project in Dubai, a lifting solution was needed to raise over metric tons of steel as well as aluminum sections weighing up to 280 kg through a cavity. The height from ground level to working height was 60 meters.

Solution: Having previously utilized Harken Industrial equipment, Spider Access identified the Riggers Winch 500 combined with fiber rope as the ideal lifting solution. The multitude of mounting options and its light weight made it the tool of choice for the rope access teams on this project. Its portability and anchoring options allowed it to be deployed quickly at most locations on the site. The Riggers Winch 500 was used in conjunction with two Harken EN13157-certified midrange pulleys on a dead-ended 2:1 lifting configuration. This allowed for a controlled lift speed and for correct orientation of panel to facilitate clear passage through the space. To minimize technician fatigue, reduce lifting time, and improve efficiency, the Riggers Winch 500 was paired with a high-torque Milwaukee M18 angle drill with a Harken adapter.

Spider Access completed the 400-meter walkway installation within 6 weeks, with the Riggers Winch 500 executing over 1500 lifts (an average of 40 per day) ranging from 25-kilgogram handrail sections to 280-kilogram long-span deck sections. The project was estimated to have traversed a distance of 90 km without any significant impact.

Summary & Legacy: The Riggers Winch 500 is in use by Spider Access on a number of other projects, not only for lifting, but also as means of long (400-meter) rope recovery on high-rise projects. It continues to deliver consistent results, with its ease of use and versatility making this a ‘go-to’ piece of lifting equipment within the company.

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