Harken Riggers Winch 500 assures 24/7 heavy-lifting operations in restricted spaces

Company:  Stork, a Fluor company

Market:  Utilities – Oil & Gas, Working at Height, Confined Space, Commercial Marine, Load-Handling, Rope Access

Location:  Oil Rig Platform, North Sea (Aberdeen), United Kingdom

About the client:  Stork is a global provider of integrated operations, maintenance, modification and asset integrity solutions.

Requirements:  Stork needed an agile, quick-to-deploy lifting system able to cope with a hostile environment and deliver at least six 40-meter (131′) lifts and lowers per day, seven days a week, at an operating load of approximately 120 kilograms (265 lb) per lift.

Solution:  Harken Industrial supplied their Riggers 500 winch to meet the demands of the task. This was anchored back to a steel structure and paired with suitable fibre rope to ensure compliance with safety requirements.

To achieve a greater speed of deployment, the asset maintenance company added a Harken drill adapter to its existing pneumatic drill in order to eliminate physical effort from lifting.

Given the relatively new application and the challenges of abrasion in an environment potentially hostile to the equipment, the working life of the winches (allowing for regular service and maintenance), was suggested at three to five years, with an economical assessment to be made based on age and cost of repairs at major service intervals. In normal working environment, and with recommended servicing, the winch should last in excess of 10 years.

Therefore, a rigorous service regime was proposed to ensure that the condition of the equipment was monitored and maintained at all times. Supplied with a comprehensive user manual outlining the key functionality and requirements for use, training was provided to ensure compliant operation and upkeep of the Riggers 500 winches.  Based on repairs required after following the advised service regime, two of the original four units are still going strong and two units were updated after an active service of three years.

Summary & legacy:  The major logistical improvement for Stork came from the weight reduction in the 40 m (131′) of rope in contrast to wire, which now enables a single winch to be continuously redeployed by a single operative around the entire site. This avoids multiple permanent installations, as would be the case for a wire rope winch. As a result, deployment speed and mobility is increased while deployment time and costs are reduced.

When compared with the pre-existing conventional wire rope solution the Riggers Winch 500, used with fibrous rope, also resulted in safer working conditions due to a significant reduction of ignition risks.

The Riggers 500 winch has performed in this role for over three years, delivering an estimated 200-250 km (3281′) of lifting/lowering each at 120 kg (265 lb) per winch, with no loss of time/performance or the need for major repairs.


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