Harken Industrial Assists Wood Plc with Innovative Overhead Powerline Project

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Harken Industrial, working closely with Teufelberger and DSM Dyneema® have assisted global engineering giants, Wood Plc, on a new and ground-breaking overhead powerline crossing project.

Wood Plc (formerly AMEC Foster Wheeler Plc) was searching for a faster, safer and simplified way of working in overhead powerline construction and maintenance.

Their team identified common problems encountered in the industry and set about working on a suitable solution. As a result, an engineering breakthrough was born in the form of Skysok®

What is Skysok®

Skysok® has been developed to enable the replacement of multiple conductor configurations and make maintenance work on powerlines safer and easier.

Skysok® is a strong and lightweight webbing net which can be pulled along a powerline over spans of up to 450 m (1476′), reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming scaffolding and netting underneath.

The system minimizes the risk and disruption to infrastructure below, being quick and easy to deploy without significant closures, Skysok® ultimately maximizes productivity.Skysok system over a golf course

Harken Industrial’s Involvement

Wood Plc made contact with Harken Industrial to work on the logistics of the system, based on our expertise in load-handling, work at height and rope knowledge.

Historically, the powerline industry has used steel wire solutions and is skeptical of synthetic rope alternatives. However, as high strength at low weight was a central theme for the new innovation, Wood Plc needed advice and guidance on ropes from the team here at Harken Industrial to design and specify a solution.

The challenge for Harken Industrial was to find a balance between rope size, weight and performance in a package that could be deployed as part of the new Skysok® system.

The fiber ropes suggested by Harken, along with Teufelberger and DSM Dyneema®, offering massively improved strength to weight when compared to steel wire ropes of the same diameter, delivered the performance Wood Plc were looking for.

Harken Industrial also supported Wood Plc with further trials to verify design calculations and modeling so that technical documentation could be compiled for industry sign-off.Skysok being deployed above ground

Rope Access and Load-Handling Specialists

With over 50 years’ combined experience in the sailing and industrial markets, Harken Industrial has the knowledge to drive projects in rope access and load-handling forwards in the right direction.

In addition to working with Wood Plc, we’ve also assisted and advised on a number of other projects for companies and professionals that were looking to operate more efficiently.

So, if you need further advice and information on a similar or upcoming rope access or load-handling project, contact us and see how we can help.

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