Harken Industrial Equipment Used at Nathan Paulin’s Incredible Urban Highline World Record

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Equipment from Harken Industrial was used during the preparation and setup of the amazing urban highline world record in Paris.

The event took place on December 9, 2017 and was broadcast live on French TV (France 2 and TV5 Monde) as part of the 31st edition of Téléthon.

The World Record

Attached to a harness and walking barefoot on a 670 m (2198′) tightrope, suspended 70 meters (230′) above ground, Nathan Paulin made his dramatic journey from the Eiffel Tower to a crane placed in front of the esplanade of the Trocadero without falling.

This was the first time in the world that such a long highline was installed and crossed in a city.

The crossing lasted less than half an hour, which means that Nathan and his team now hold the world record for walking across the longest highline in an urban area – an incredible achievement!

Who Was Involved?

The project took more than six months of planning and preparation and involved a number of companies and teams:

  • Nathan Paulin and the SDD Slackline team installed, tested, and crossed the highline
  • HRE (Highline Rescue Experience) were in charge of safety and assisted with the setup
  • c.a.t.s Engineering did all the calculations and paper work in preparation for the event
  • Puzzle Media were the production team behind the event

Huge congratulations to Nathan for setting the new world record by completing an extraordinary feat of human capability and to all the teams involved with the highline crossing.LokHead winch used on the Eiffel Tower

Harken Industrial Products Used

The main Harken Industrial products used during the preparation and setup of the event were the LokHead winch and a compact battery PowerSeat ascender.

The LokHead winch was attached to the Eiffel Tower to help tension and tighten the rope and the strap so that Nathan could successfully cross from one side to the other.

Harken Industrial’s PowerSeat was also used under the 45 m high crane in front of the Trocadero and went up and down the line 45 times before the world record attempt took place. It was also operating as a safety system in case Nathan needed emergency assistance during the highline crossing.
Harken PowerSeat used on Eiffel Tower highline crossingHarken Industrial is proud to have played our part in this event. If you’re involved in a similar project and you need advice on rope access solutions, contact us to discuss how we can help.

Find out More

Take a look at the following video, shared by AFM Téléthon, which shows Nathan making his tense and daunting journey across the highline.

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