Harken Industrial Provides PowerSeat® Ascender to Support Big Canopy Campout 2018

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The Big Canopy Campout Campaign 2018 LogoHarken Industrial will be supplying some of our work at height solutions to assist climbers and campaigners at this year’s Big Canopy Campout (BCC) 2018.

As an official sponsor of the event, Harken Industrial products will be used to carry equipment and supplies up to the treetop canopy of the Borneo rainforest, the tallest in the world!

The location plays host to emergent trees over 80 meters tall, high temperatures, plus humid conditions, so having the right equipment in place to save time and conserve energy is vital.

What Does the Big Canopy Campout Involve?

Taking place annually, the BCC brings together a large community of forest adventurers and explorers to campaign against the vanishing rainforests.

On the 15th September 2018, campaigners will sleep high up in the treetops for one night in tents, hammocks and pods. Their mission? To inspire action, awareness and protect the forest in the world’s largest coordinated canopy adventure.

Their journey will commence when the sun sets over the Eucalypt forests of Tasmania as the first group of canopy campers take to the trees.

From here, participants all over the globe will show their support by camping out in different treetop locations for the combined ‘International Night of the Forest’.Man ascending the Rainforest trees

If you’re interested in taking part in this one in a lifetime adventure then find out how to get involved with other campers and campaigners.

Visit the Big Canopy Campout website to learn more about this incredible event.

Raising Money for a Great Cause

In 2018, the Big Canopy Campout will be raising funds to support the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in Mexico; a forest where vast areas have no protection.

This forest is the most diverse habitat in the country and is home to an array of incredible wildlife, including jaguars, bears, parrots and otters.

Working with the World Land Trust, the BCC’s aim is to protect and preserve more of the land and wildlife within this amazing location.View of the Rainforest

Harken Industrial Equipment Being Used

In order to make rigorous and multiple climbs to the top of the trees easier, Harken Industrial will be supplying the PowerSeat; a device that has revolutionized work at height.

This solution allows the operator to ascend quickly with their equipment, stay in position for longer and work in comfort. The PowerSeat is designed to enhance operator safety and reduce fatigue, which will be extremely useful in the challenging and humid conditions of the rainforest.

Keep an eye out for Harken Industrial branding on some of the tents in the trees or by following the story of the BCC, which will be told and shared via drone footage and images on the social media profiles below.

Technical Sales Engineer, Guy Fulford, commented on sponsoring this great cause:

“Harken Industrial is proud to support the work of the BCC this year, as well as those who are making a difference to this exciting campaign. The Harken PowerSeat will certainly aid safe and efficient access to the rainforest canopy and provide multiple benefits in what will be a tough environment to work in. We hope that everyone taking part has an amazing adventure and let’s not forget the real intention behind this important event.”Tents high up in the Rainfroest trees

Connect with Harken industrial and the BCC

 Keep up-to-date with the journey of the jungle by keeping a close eye on the Big Canopy Campout’s social accounts.

You can also connect with the Harken Industrial social channels:

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our team about how our load-handling solutions can make your work safer and easier, get in touch. Sleeping in the Rainforest tents