Introducing the New C-Hero® Rescue Davit System

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Harken Industrial is pleased to announce the launch of our new man overboard (MOB) rescue solution, the C-Hero® Rescue Davit (Part No. IN144.6FT).

Alongside the davit, the C-Hero® Vertical Rescue 12 Pole (Part No. IN145) is also available to purchase, either separately or as part of the C-Hero® complete MOB rescue system.

The equipment is manufactured to IS0 9001 standards by Harken Industrial in Pewaukee, Wis., and distributed in the United States by C-Hero.

Harken Industrial will sell the system through its industrial products networks in the rest of the world.

What is the C-Hero® Rescue Davit?

Developed by Shane Smith at C-Hero, the Rescue Davit is a portable man overboard rescue device, designed for use on tugboats, barges and other workboats.

The system weighs 17.2 kg, is light enough for one person to carry into position, and consists of a small crane and a self-tailing Harken winch, that attaches to any bitt on a boat (A bitt is a pair of posts on the deck used for fastening mooring lines or cables).

Set up is quick and once in place, a single crew member can hoist a 159 kg (350 lb) person back on board the boat during a MOB rescue scenario.

Features and Benefits of the C-Hero

  • Constructed from marine grade aluminum and stainless steel to stand up to harsh marine environments
  • MOB rescue can be carried out by one person
  • Portable and lightweight, weighing only 17.2 kg
  • Adjustable feet for multiple bitt sizes
  • Features Harken 20 Radial Self-Tailing winch for easy lift (can also be upgraded to a 35.2 STA Radial 2-speed winch)
  • 2 m (6’ 8”) Davit
  • Boom is long enough to clear tires and fenders
  • Worm gear and handle control the boom swing
  • Compact and easy to stow
  • Overall size: 205.7 cm x 43.2 cm x 36.2 cm (81’ x 17” x 14.25’)

Designed for quick recovery of conscious or unconscious persons in the water, the Vertical Rescue 12 Pole has a range of benefits and features, including:

  • 9 cm (3/4”) aluminum tubing with a strong 2.1 m (7’) foam-filled hoop that allows a single crew member to carry out a MOB rescue
  • Strap goes over the person in the water and under their arms for vertical recovery using the rescue davit
  • Rescue strap has a one-way buckle that will not back out
  • “V” cleat keeps lift line out of the way
  • Two detachable 1.8 m (6’) long foam-filled poles allow person to be pulled close to boat before deploying the strap
  • Can be quickly re-rigged for additional rescue operations

Find out more about the C-Hero® Rescue Davit and the C-Hero® Vertical Rescue 12 Pole on the Harken Industrial website.


The Story Behind the C-Hero

Captain Shane Smith started C-Hero in a garage with the aim of assisting crews with MOB recovery.

With a wealth of experience gained in the industry, from working with push boats and tugs, Smith trained captains and helped companies audit their marine safety management systems (SMS).

In doing so, he discovered that the majority of SMS systems used in the industry focused on regular MOB drills, without having a method in place to retrieve someone from the water. This insight helped Smith to develop the C-Hero into the product it is today.

“Smith has got to be one of the most brilliant and innovative mariners I’ve had the pleasure to cross with. It’s my belief that C-Hero can and will save lives … mariner lives … and that’s worthy of endorsement.”

Rocky Marchiano, Maritime Regulatory ConsultantMOB rescue

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