Harken Gas PowerSeat used to clean window in central London 14-story building

Market: Working at Height / Utilities / Architectural. Location: Ontario Point, Canada Water, London, UK. Company: A commercial cleaning services/building maintenance company. . Task: A 14-story highrise residential building in Canada Water in London presented the challenge of regular cleaning … Read More

Hire the PowerSeat to increase efficiency during adverse weather for telecom’s mast decomissioning project

Market: Working at height. Telecommunications mast rigging. Location: Isle of Wight, UK. Company: Leading communications infrastructure and media services company. Task: When working on large telecommunications masts during the winter months, work was often limited by weather and reduced daylight hours, leaving only a small … Read More

Access Rail system installed in atrium of large commercial multinational building

Market:  Working at height. Company: Omicron Industry, Austria. Task: The client required a solution that would enable maintenance crews to abseil (rappel) up and down the building for cleaning and maintenance, and to navigate around obstacles (such as sculptures) as they worked. … Read More

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