Testing and Manufacturing

Harken Industrial puts over 80,000 square meters of manufacturing capacity and a commitment to our own product testing to work for you. Our products are designed to perform and reduce your risk while on the job.


Harken Industrial prides itself on delivering products that offer unprecedented performance with appropriate safety margins. Prior to delivery, these products must be tested to meet regulatory standards set by product type.

Harken Industrial has built comprehensive in-house testing capabilities into both our major manufacturing facilities – one in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA and one in Milan, Italy. Using industry-standard software, we perform relevant product cycling tests for durability. We routinely load-capacity test our industrial pulleys. We execute fall-arrest and fall-restraint testing on our human suspension working-at-height products to meet applicable EN regulations today and ANSI in the future. And we also pressure and max-load test our hydraulic products.

Our testing capabilities evolve as new products are developed. In response to the design of a new captive fiber rope winch with a 686 kN working load, we built a 20-meter, 25,000 kg test bench to test that winch, and winches we anticipate will have capacities up to 100 tons.


Our lean manufacturing facilities in USA and Italy total approximately 80,000 sq. m (250,000 sq. ft.) and produce a majority of all the products we sell. Here you’ll find industrial-scale metal stamping, lathing, milling, cutting, and injection-molding machinery. We have advanced composite and carbon-fiber capabilities, welding expertise in stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium, and have invested in scalable hydraulics production. In addition, our U.S. industrial fabric cutting and sewing team creates seating for our human-suspension products, and cuts prepreg carbon fiber for some exotic pulleys. Our product assembly, packaging and shipping functions are only steps from production for increased speed and inventory efficiency.