Harken Industrial Solutions for Utilities

Working on towers and masts can be labor intensive and tiring due to constant climbing. However, equipment from Harken Industrial can instantly reduce the strain on teams and individuals. With over 50 years’ experience in the sailing and industrial industries, our knowledge and expertise has empowered us to design apparatus that enhance worker safety and improve productivity. For example, the Harken Industrial PowerSeat is a great workhorse, carrying technicians and tools into position, allowing them to save time and energy and work safely and efficiently from height. Other products for the utilities industry include winches for tensioning and safe load-handling, pulleys for lifting and pulling, and padeyes for certified fall arrest and lashing points. View our equipment below. For further professional advice on how Harken Industrial’s rope access and load-management equipment can make your work easier in the utilities industry, contact our team.

Battery PowerSeat® Ascender
Battery PowerSeat® Ascender

Part No. PWRS-B

The Harken Industrial Battery PowerSeat unveils new possibilities in enclosed and confined space rope access and rescue.

The Battery PowerSeat quietly delivers a powerful 300 kilogram (661 lb) hoist capability with controlled sensitivity to perform the most delicate rescues, or precise maneuvering of materials and components for installation or maintenance.

Developed specifically for rope access and winching applications, it provides a lightweight, prolonged usage, powered ascender and utility winch.

The Battery PowerSeat operates comfortably in both outdoor and indoor environments where engine emissions are restricted. It provides a level of operator safety and comfort that directly increases productivity and efficiency.

Suitable for blade cleaning, confined space and indoor rope access and rescue applications.

PS Battery


The Battery PowerSeat uses a 50.4V lithium-ion battery with a BMS (Battery Management System) to preserve its useful life. Certified to IP54.

PS Speed Control

Speed Control

The unit is operated using a fail-safe dead man’s switch to control ascent speed, up to 14 m/min (46 ft/min).


PS Break


The braking system controls descent and provides workers protection against free-falls. The encapsulating jaw cover protects fingers and clothing from catching in the winch.

PS Ergonomical Design

Ergonomical Design

The PowerSeat is designed to stay in an upright position, conserving worker energy.

PS Durability



Stainless steel load-carrying gears and pins provide strength and durability. Sealed gearbox and high-load ball bearings reduce friction under load, are corrosion resistant, and do not require lubrication.



The Harken Industrial PowerSeat is CE certified to the Machinery Directive and independently verified by Bureau Veritas.

Battery life (in optimum conditions) is approximately 550 m (1804′) with a 125 kg (276 lb) load.

Simple to Operate and Ideal for:

The Harken Industrial PowerSeat is ideal for a wide range of applications including wind turbines, building exteriors, search and rescue scenarios – not only as a powered ascender but also as a portable winch or hauler.

  • Construction
  • Renewable energy
  • Facilities management
  • Vessel maintenance
  • Theatrical
  • Telecommunications
  • Architectural
  • Utilities, Oil and Gas

Product Details

Description Max line speed Weight Rope Ø Max rated load
Min Max
ft/min m/min lb kg in mm in mm lb kN
PWRS-B Battery 46 14 42* 19* 3/8 10 1/2 12.7 660 3


*Plus 3 kg (6.6 lb) for battery.

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Used for:
Work Positioning
Mid-span Rescue
Portable Winching

SBL Snatch Pulley
SBL Snatch Pulley

Part No. 
IN10636 – Max rated load 106 kN
IN10639 – Max rated load 133 kN
IN11038 – Max rated load 222 kN

The Ultimate in Power-to-Weight Efficiency

SBL (strong but light) Snatch pulleys maximize the benefits of fiber rope within a safer, more ergonomic working environment. Weighing less than 25% of comparable pulleys, they make light work of rigging and deployment.

Even the largest pulley, with a breaking load of 95000 kg (210000 lbs), weighs only 22.5 kg (50 lb). The sculpted hardcoat-anodized sheaves run on high-efficiency composite bearings, reducing rope wear.

Ideal for Diverse Applications

SBL Snatch pulleys can be used for towing, mooring, pulling, and lifting across many industries.

  • Utilities
  • Commercial rigging
  • Offshore
  • Renewables
  • Commercial marine
  • Transport
  • Salvage
  • Military

Maintenance is Simple

The simple construction requires no lubrication. Simply flush with fresh water to keep your SBL Snatch pulley free rolling.

SBL design


Side-opening plates allow the pulleys to be rigged easily. The soft attachment system eliminates heavy swivels and shackles.

SBL materials


Sideplates are hardcoat-anodized, UV-stabilized 6061-T6 aluminum for maximum protection. Sheaves run smoothly and maintain efficiency at high loads using PTFE-coated ULC bearing technology.

SBL materials

Fiber Rope

Snatch pulleys are used with fiber rope up to 25 mm (1″) in diameter. Smooth surfaces and chafe-free design minimize wear.



Product Details

Description Sheave
Weight Max
Fiber Rope Ø
Rated Load
in mm lb kg in mm lb kN lb kN
IN10636 SBL 12T 6.5 165 8.8 4 1 25 23829 106 96000 392
IN10639 SBL 20T 9 221 20.5 9.3 1 25 29899 133 120000 529
IN11038 SBL 50T 11 279 49.6 22.5 1 25 49907 222 210000 931
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Used for:
Lifting & Slinging
Load Testing
High Line Running

Riggers Winch
Riggers Winch

Riggers Winch 500 = INRW500
Riggers Winch 200 = INRW200

A Lightweight, CE Certified, Portable Winch

The Riggers Winch provides the user with a lightweight, CE certified, portable winch mounted to a robust adaptor plate. Offered in two (2) sizes, the single-speed 200 model weighs only 4 kg (8 lb) and has a maximum rated load of 1.96 kN. The 2-speed 500 model weighs just 7 kg (15.4 lb). Its maximum rated load of 4.90 kN maximizes operator pulling power by up to 40 times. Multiple mounting options provide versatility when working in challenging or remote environments.

Simple to use and Ideal for Diverse Applications

  • Utility masts
  • Telecoms
  • Marine
  • Wind turbine transition piece davits
  • Stage and theater rigging
  • Construction
  • Confined space
  • Access and rescue


UMP design


The mounting plate is sculpted to remove excess weight and provides multiple attachment points without compromising strength. The pigtail line lead ensures correct alignment and loading of the winch for maximum efficiency.

UMP winch


Winches feature 17-4 PH stainless steel load-carrying gears and pins for strength and durability. The unique drum design maximizes grip on the rope. Packages include a universal mounting plate, Harken 10″ winch handle, and Harken winches 40.2 (500 model) or 20 (200 model).


UMP fiber rope

Fiber Rope 

The winch is designed for use with fiber rope up to 12 mm (1/2″) in diameter, reducing weight and allowing alignment to the load. Smooth surfaces and chafe-free design are amenable to fiber rope.

UMP options


For use with multiple attachments depending on the environment and industry; from ratchet straps, M10 bolts, karabiners, to scaffold clamps.



CE certified under EN13157 (Machinery Directive), please see ‘Specification’ Tab for load details.


Product Range

Description Rope Ø Weight Max Rated Load Breaking Load
Min Max
in mm in mm lb kg lb kN lb kN
INRW200 Riggers Winch 200 5/16 8 1/2 12 8 4 440 2 4400 20
INRW500 Riggers Winch 500 5/16 8 1/2 12 15.4 7 1100 5 5500 25


Riggers winch 500 includes: Universal mounting plate, 40.2 Harken winch and Harken 10 inch winch handle

Riggers winch 200 includes: Universal mounting plate, 20 Harken winch and Harken 10 inch winch handle

Contact Harken Industrial for further information.

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Used for:
Lifting and Rigging

Purchase Systems
Purchase Systems

Part No. 
IN105 – 6:1 purchase system
IN2624 – 4:1 purchase system (Contact Harken UK)
443.DRPS.2M – CE 6:1 diver recovery purchase system – 2 m throw*
443.DRPS.10M – CE 6:1 diver recovery purchase system – 10 m throw*
443.DRPS.15M – CE 6:1 diver recovery purchase system – 15 m throw*

*custom lengths available from 1 to 50 m

Lightweight, Compact, Low-friction, Certified

Harken Industrial purchase systems increase operation strength, providing low-friction pulling power in a wide variety of pulling/lifting operations. Systems can be used on their own, or easily combined with an existing system for tensioning, deviation, or casualty transfer. Purchase systems come fully rigged with tamper-evident termination.

Simple to Use in Load-assist Applications

Harken Industrial purchase systems are used by emergency services and rescue personnel to help transfer loads and individuals from working ropes to alternates. The systems are also used to transfer loads in deviation, and to take the load when lifting inanimate objects.

Maintenance is Easy

To clean, simply flush pulleys with fresh water. As with all equipment, check regularly to make sure it is in good working order. Check rope for chafe and wear. Make sure tamper-evident seals are intact.

LA low friction sheave

Low-friction Sheave

Delrin® ball bearings provide low-friction, easy rope release under load. Ball bearings are UV-stabilized for maximum protection.

LA ball bearing cam cleats

Ball Bearing Cam Cleats

Harken ball bearing cam cleats hold rope securely and release easily under load. Multiple rows of ball bearings reduce friction. The cam’s V-shape guides rope for easy entry.

LA fairlead

Tamper Evident

Purcahse systems are supplied prereeved and fully assembled. The securing knot is sealed to prevent irreparable damage to the system.


CE Certification

CE certified under EN 13157 (Machinery Directive). IN105 has a maximum rated load of 1.47 kN; IN2624 has a maximum rated load of 1.98 kN.

Polyester Rope and Safety Compliance

Purchase systems use polyester based rope in various sizes. The polyester braided covers are UV and abrasion resistant. Harken Industrial purchase systems are also serial numbered for full traceability. The 443.DRPS is supplied with an individual proof test certificate.

Product Range

Description Range of Travel Max Rated Load for Goods/Equipment (BL/4) SWL for Human Suspension
ft m lb kN lb kN lb kg
IN105 6:1 purchase system 4 1.2 330 1.5
IN2624 4:1 purchase system 6.5 2 445 2
443.DRPS.2M CE 6:1 diver recovery purchase system – 2 m throw* 6.6 2 937 4.25 375 1.7 660 300
443.DRPS.10M CE 6:1 diver recovery purchase system – 10 m throw* 32.8 10 937 4.25 375 1.7 660 300
443.DRPS.15M CE 6:1 diver recovery purchase system – 15 m throw* 49.2 15 937 4.25 375 1.7 660 300


Delrin is a registered trademark of E.I duPont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.

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Used for:
Casualty Transfer
Rigging Deviation
Load Transfer
Line Tensioning

EN13157 Pulleys
EN13157 Pulleys

Harken Industrial has a Solution to any Pulling Problem

We offer over 470 types of pulleys with breaking loads from 0.5 to 946 kN. Sheave diameters range from 16 – 150 mm with the option of single, double, and triple sheaves featuring ratchets, cleats, beckets, opening sideplates, and padeye attachments. Attachment options include fixed head, swivel head, cheek attach, or soft attach.

Simple to use and Ideal for Diverse Applications

Harken Industrial pulleys can be used in rope-handling applications across many industries:

  • Theatrical
  • Stunt work
  • Cable laying
  • Load towing/securing

Maintenance is Easy

The simple construction requires no lubrication. Simply flush with fresh water to keep bearings free rolling.


Black Magic® Air® Pulleys

With high strength-to-weight ratios and free-rolling, high-load roller bearings, Black Magic Air pulleys handle high dynamic and static loads where friction is an issue.






Classic Midrange Pulleys

These robust pulleys are ideal for handling high loads. Free-running Delrin® ball bearings roll on flat races to allow fast haul and release under high or low loads.



Classic Midrange Hexaratchet

Midrange Hexaratchet pulleys grip loaded lines, relieving holding loads while maintaining quick ease and haul with complete control. A switch on the side engages and disengages the ratchet mechanism.


ESP Pulleys

Sheaves feature sleeve bearings to handle high static loads. Ball bearings handle sideloads. Aluminum sideplates make ESP pulleys strong and durable.


T2 Soft-attach Pulleys

These lightweight, low-friction pulleys tie, splice, or lash to almost anything. With no metal components, they are exceptionally corrosion and conduction-proof as well as spark free.



Harken Industrial offers a wide range of EN13157 certified pulleys for hand-operated lifting equipment.

The table below includes a selection from Harken Industrial’s range of CE pulleys. If you would like further information on our range of pulleys, please contact us.

Product Range

All Harken Industrial pulleys listed below are CE certified.

Description Sheave Ø Length Weight Shackle Pin Ø Max Fiber Rope Ø* Max Rated Load Use With
in mm in mm lb g in mm in mm lb kN
IN2660 Single Carbo swivel 2 15/16 75 5 3/8 137 0.43 195 1/4 6 9/16 14 224 1 Fiber
IN2661 Single Carbo swivel w/becket 2 15/16 75 6 1/2 165 0.47 214 1/4 6 9/16 14 224 1 Fiber
IN2662 Double Carbo swivel 2 15/16 75 6 152 0.88 402 5/16 8 9/16 14 562 2.5 Fiber
Classic Midrange
IN1540 Single Midrange 3 76 6 1/8 156 0.81 367 5/16 8 9/16 14 1124 5 Fiber
IN1544 Double Midrange 3 76 7 1/2 191 1.59 723 5/16 8 9/16 14 1573 7 Fiber
IN1545 Double Midrange w/becket 3 76 8 1/2 216 1.65 751 5/16 8 9/16 14 1573 7 Fiber
IN1549SSP Single Midrange Hexaratchet 3 76 6 1/8 156 0.88 397 5/16 8 9/16 14 1124 5 Fiber
IN6059 Single ESP swivel 2 1/4 57 5 1/2 140 0.48 218 5/16 8 5/8 16 900 4 Fiber
IN6050 ESP teardrop 2 1/4 57 3 11/16 93.5 0.27 122 5/8 16 900 4 Fiber
IN6058 Single ESP swivel 3; 2 15/16 75 6 1/4 159 0.75 340 5/16 8 3/4 19 1460 6.5 Fiber
IN6056 ESP teardrop 3; 2 15/16 75 4 5/8 117 0.49 221 3/4 19 1236 5.5 Fiber
Black Magic
IN3226 Single Black Magic swivel 2 1/4 57 4 11/16 119 0.34 154 1/4 6 7/16 12 1124 5 Fiber
IN3215 Single Black Magic swivel 2 1/4 57 4 11/16 119 0.34 152 1/4 6 7/16 12 1124 5 Fiber
IN3214 Single Black Magic loop** 2 1/4 57 3 76 0.2 92 7/16 12 674 3 Fiber
IN3243 Single Black Magic swivel 2 15/16 75 5 1/8 129 0.74 335 5/16 8 9/16 14 1348 6 Fiber
IN3231 Single Black Magic swivel 2 15/16 75 5 1/8 129 0.73 331 5/16 8 9/16 14 2248 10 Fiber
IN3246 Single Black Magic swivel 3 15/16 100 8 203 1.37 623 3/8 10 5/8 16 3372 15 Fiber
IN3256 Single Black Magic swivel 4 15/16 125 10 254 2.33 1058 1/2 12 3/4 19 4495 20 Fiber
IN3255 Single Black Magic loop** 4 15/16 125 6 163 1.48 674 3/4 19 4495 20 Fiber
IN3262 Single swivel 5 15/16 150 12 305 4.05 1840 5/8 16 1 25 6969 31 Fiber

*Max wire rope Ø is dependent on wire construction and application. Please contact Harken Industrial for information. **Loop not included.

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Used for:
Purchase Systems
Temporary Lifting
Lifting & Pulling

Stainless Steel Diamond EN795:2012 Class A Anchor
Stainless Steel Diamond EN795:2012 Class A Anchor

Part No. IN689

TESTED TO EN795.2012 CLASS A and requirements of BS 8610 Draft May 2017.


The IN689 stainless steel diamond anchorage point is designed to be permanently installed on a structure so that an anchor device, or personal protective equipment can be attached to it, facilitating safe working at height.

The padeye is appropriate for two person use for both fall arrest and rope access with an energy absorber to EN 355. It is large enough to allow articulation, will accommodate karabiners, and is cost-effective.






























213 grams (7.50 oz)


Stainless steel

Maximum rated load

15.75 kN (goods and equipment)

Breaking load

 63 kN

Recommended fasteners

4 x M8 (Recommend A2 70 SS)

Certified to EN 795:2012

BS 8610 Draft May 2017

One user

Two users (A1, A2, A3, A5)



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Used for:
Certified Fall Arrest
Lashing Points

LokHead Winch
LokHead Winch

Part No.

INLH500 LokHead winch and handle
INLH500KIT  LokHead winch kit


NEW mounting plate and tripod adapter now available.

The innovative LokHead winch is a portable or fix-mounted load-lifting, personal-hoisting winch used with an unlimited length of fiber rope. The captive head allows the winch to be used safely, and keeps the rope from accidentally releasing. Perfect for fixed or temporary applications and rescue.

Simple to use and Ideal for Diverse Applications

The LokHead winch can be used anywhere a load needs to be lifted or lowered. Rigged to a tripod, it can be used for confined-space rescue operations, for load moving/hauling, and man-riding.

Maintenance is Easy

The simple construction requires no lubrication and can be flushed clean with fresh water.


Weighing just 4.2 kg (9.3 lb), the LokHead winch can be incorporated with a compatible mounting bracket into a rescue/lifting system without significantly increasing overall weight.


The braking system controls descent and provides workers protection against free-falls. The encapsulating jaw cover protects fingers and clothing from catching in the winch.

Ergonomic with new image


Easy to rig and efficient, the LokHead makes the most of the operator’s efforts. The winch offers two gears; 15:1 for low load/high speed use and 40:1 for higher load applications.


The winch is designed for use with fiber rope 10 –12.7 mm (3/8 –1/2″) in diameter and unlimited line length.

Manual or powered


The winch can be driven manually with the provided B10AL handle. Alternatively, use a compatible power drill with the power tool adaptor to drive the winch.

The winch is also certified under EN1496 for Human Suspension and EN13157 Machinery Directive for lifting goods and equipment.

Contact Us

For more information please contact Harken Industrial: +44 (0)1590 689122 or email us via info@harkenindustrial.com

Product Range

Description Rope Ø Weight Max rated load
Min Max
in mm in mm lb kg lb kN
INLH500 LokHead winch 3/8 10 1/2 12.7 9.3 4.2 1100 5
INLH500KIT LokHead winch kit 3/8 10 1/2 12.7 44 20 1100 5
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Used for:
Safe Load Handling
Certified Man-riding
Tripod Applications


CASE STUDY – Overhead Pylons
Working on overhead lines and pylons requires the technician to raise all tools and equipment to the work site.

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Safer Working Practices