Roller Sling
Roller Sling

Part no.

IN106.3FT = 3ft Sling

Carabiner not included.


The Harken Roller Sling is a mobile, wheeled anchoring system that keeps workers safely aligned to their working surface. Perfect for the Harken PowerSeat™ ascender.

Oceanic block bearings

Use this simple device in a basket configuration around structures like pipe or cable. Perfect for extending anchors over a sharp edge that could damage rope.

Oceanic block bearings

Smooth Rolling
Rollers with Delrin® spacers separate rollers for smooth-rolling operation.

Oceanic block bearings

Wheels are made of durable urethane and rotate on flexible 7 x 19 stainless steel wire cable; urethane tubing
covers attachment eyes on ends.


The Roller Sling is Certified ANSI/ASSE Z359.1 1-07 and CE EN795:2012 Type B and EN354. It is fully-rated end-to-end for work positioning, fall restraint, fall arrest, and general fall protection.

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Delrin is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.
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Ball Bearing Cam Cleats
Ball Bearing Cam Cleats


Nothing beats Harken ball bearing cam cleats for a secure grip. Cleat engages rope with a downward snap of the wrist, keeps it where you put it, and releases quickly—even under high loads. Ideal for material handling and for use in the exercise equipment and theatrical industries.

proctective tooth


Protective tooth design
Each rope size is held securely by the most number of teeth which squeeze, rather than cut into the rope, greatly reducing wear.

engage and release


Engage and release easily
Cam cleats engage under maximum tension, hold securely, and release instantly under load. Multiple rows of UV-stabilized ball bearings reduce friction. The cam’s V-shape guides rope for easy entry.

materials for different loadings


Materials for different load ranges
316 Mirror-polished stainless steel; Hard Lube-anodized aluminum; UV-stabilized composite.

full range


Full range of accessories
Stainless eyestraps, colored Flairleads, fairleads, and cam cleats guide rope, with some releasing and recleating up to 90 degrees; adapter plates ensure optimal cleating heights; wedge kits and risers improve cam angles.

Specification table


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McLube® Antifoul Alternative
McLube® Antifoul Alternative

Part No. 7881

The Environmentally-Friendly Antifoul Speed Polish for Everything below the Waterline!

McLube’s Antifoul Alternative is a breakthrough high-gloss; non-abrasive polish that inhibits marine growth below the waterline, keeping hulls fast and clean for weeks at a time. Citrus based, it is earth-friendly, biodegradable and safe to use.

Antifoul Alternative applies quickly and easily onto all hull types and surfaces, including Hypalon® tubes and other plastics and below-water metal fittings e.g. props and drive shafts. Powerful UV protection keeps cleaning to a minimum when the hull comes out of the water.

Usage:  Everywhere below the waterline – hulls, props, engine drive shafts, RIB tubes.


  • Combines McLube’s bonded PTFE suspension system with citrus-based, long-lasting, high-gloss polish
  • Quick and easy to apply to any hull surface or underwater fitting.
  • Combats, stifles marine growth and slime; keeps hulls fast and clean for weeks.
  • Four times the UV protection of most marine polishes.
  • Reduces drag and increases efficiency on all hull types.


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Please visit for detailed information on product application, benefits, performance, and field testing.


McLube is a registered trademark of McGee Industries, Inc.
Hypalon is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company.


McLube® Case Study
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The classic Harken Black Magic glove is designed as an all-purpose glove. The open tip forefinger and thumb offer dexterity, with a double thickness Black Magic palm fabric for superior grip. Designed for use on the water the Harken Black Magic gloves have minimal stretch when wet, and dry soft maintaining comfort.


The open tip forefinger and thumb offer dexterity



The gloves exclusive palm fabric provides the perfect balance between grip and abrasion resistance.



The gloves have a Nylon Spandex mesh for a close fit.


The wrap around tab lock allows for a secure closure around the wrist.


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