At Harken, we are proud of our sailing heritage which has allowed us to develop our products and expertise in load management for expansion into the industrial market.

For over 50 years, our knowledge and experience in the sailing world has driven us to design and manufacture premium, tested and approved products for use in the marine industry.

Our equipment includes, high-quality pulleys, winches, rail and car systems, hydraulics and other hardware and has been developed to withstand the most demanding sailing conditions.

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Harken Marine Range
Harken Marine Range

For over 50 years, Harken has built its reputation on quality products developed, tested, and used in the most extreme marine environments. These products have dominated the high-performance yacht equipment market for decades. Diversifying into alternative industries, Harken has CE certified many marine products to meet industry standards.

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Harken has over 470 different pulleys available from a 16 mm sheave diameter increasing to 150 mm in the standard range with multiple attachment options.



Developed to withstand the most demanding conditions, Harken winches are the best choice for fiber rope applications. Available in manual, electric and hydraulic formats with power ratios of 8:1 – 100:1 there is a Harken winch for most applications.


Complementary Hardware

Harken has developed a range of products to assist in the management of fiber rope. Cam cleats are a great way to hold a line securely with the ability to easily release it under load.


Rail and Car Systems

Used to guide sails up a mast or adjust sails under load the many rail and car systems in the Harken range are well suited to moving loads under compression and tension.



For when manpower isn’t enough Harken has an efficient and reliable hydraulic range for controlling and managing high loads.


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