Harken offers a range of winches to take the strain out of load management. Applications include emergency recovery, manual load lifting, tripod applications, electric and manual davit arms, and certified man riding. Manual, electric, and hydraulic power options help reduce fatigue and risk of injury when managing heavy loads. 7.5:1 – 100:1 manual power ratios and loads up to 25,000 kg (55,116 Ib).

LokHead Winch
LokHead Winch

Part No.

INLH500 LokHead winch and handle
INLH500KIT  LokHead winch kit


NEW mounting plate and tripod adapter now available.

The innovative LokHead winch is a portable or fix-mounted load-lifting, personal-hoisting winch used with an unlimited length of fiber rope. The captive head allows the winch to be used safely, and keeps the rope from accidentally releasing. Perfect for fixed or temporary applications and rescue.

Simple to use and Ideal for Diverse Applications

The LokHead winch can be used anywhere a load needs to be lifted or lowered. Rigged to a tripod, it can be used for confined-space rescue operations, for load moving/hauling, and man-riding.

Maintenance is Easy

The simple construction requires no lubrication and can be flushed clean with fresh water.


Weighing just 4.2 kg (9.3 lb), the LokHead winch can be incorporated with a compatible mounting bracket into a rescue/lifting system without significantly increasing overall weight.


The braking system controls descent and provides workers protection against free-falls. The encapsulating jaw cover protects fingers and clothing from catching in the winch.

Ergonomic with new image


Easy to rig and efficient, the LokHead makes the most of the operator’s efforts. The winch offers two gears; 15:1 for low load/high speed use and 40:1 for higher load applications.


The winch is designed for use with fiber rope 10 –12.7 mm (3/8 –1/2″) in diameter and unlimited line length.

Manual or powered


The winch can be driven manually with the provided B10AL handle. Alternatively, use a compatible power drill with the power tool adaptor to drive the winch.

The winch is also certified under EN1496 for Human Suspension and EN13157 Machinery Directive for lifting goods and equipment.

For more information please contact Harken Industrial: +44 (0)1590 689122 or email us via

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Riggers Winch
Riggers Winch

Riggers Winch 500 = INRW500
Riggers Winch 200 = INRW200

A Lightweight, CE Certified, Portable Winch

The Riggers Winch provides the user with a lightweight, CE certified, portable winch mounted to a robust adaptor plate. Offered in two (2) sizes, the single-speed 200 model weighs only 4 kg (8 lb) and has a maximum rated load of 1.96 kN. The 2-speed 500 model weighs just 7 kg (15.4 lb). Its maximum rated load of 4.90 kN maximizes operator pulling power by up to 40 times. Multiple mounting options provide versatility when working in challenging or remote environments.

Simple to use and Ideal for Diverse Applications

  • Utility masts
  • Telecoms
  • Marine
  • Wind turbine transition piece davits
  • Stage and theater rigging
  • Construction
  • Confined space
  • Access and rescue


UMP design


The mounting plate is sculpted to remove excess weight and provides multiple attachment points without compromising strength. The pigtail line lead ensures correct alignment and loading of the winch for maximum efficiency.

UMP winch


Winches feature 17-4 PH stainless steel load-carrying gears and pins for strength and durability. The unique drum design maximizes grip on the rope. Packages include a universal mounting plate, Harken 10″ winch handle, and Harken winches 40.2 (500 model) or 20 (200 model).


UMP fiber rope

Fiber Rope 

The winch is designed for use with fiber rope up to 12 mm (1/2″) in diameter, reducing weight and allowing alignment to the load. Smooth surfaces and chafe-free design are amenable to fiber rope.

UMP options


For use with multiple attachments depending on the environment and industry; from ratchet straps, M10 bolts, karabiners, to scaffold clamps.



CE certified under EN13157 (Machinery Directive), please see ‘Specification’ Tab for load details.


Riggers winch 500 includes: Universal mounting plate, 40.2 Harken winch and Harken 10 inch winch handle

Riggers winch 200 includes: Universal mounting plate, 20 Harken winch and Harken 10 inch winch handle

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Rewind™ Radial Line® Electric Winch
Rewind™ Radial Line® Electric Winch

Part No. See ‘Other information’ tab below.

Wind in and pay out long lengths without touching the rope.

Oceanic block bearings

Safely wind in and pay out highly-loaded ropes in both directions without removing the line.

Oceanic block bearings

A simple flip of the red knob on the winch base turns on the rewind feature.



Use to wind loaded ropes in and pay them out under loads with unlimited line lengths.


The Rewind operates like a standard Harken 2-speed electric winch—fast for speed, slow for power. The rewind function is activated by turning the red knob on the winch base. Ropes can be wound in or paid out from a remote location using the twin in/out buttons.

A Harken locking handle inserted into an unloaded winch automatically disconnects the motor gear for manual operation. The Rewind has a 12-volt horizontal motor.


A spring-loaded arm of investment-cast stainless steel keeps line captive. Load-carrying gears and pins are 17-4 PH stainless steel for strength and durability. Composite roller bearings and bushings reduce friction under load, are corrosion resistant, and don’t require lubrication. Drums are available in hardcoat-anodized aluminum.


Professional installation is recommended, with wiring checked by a certified electrician.


Winches can be disassembled and serviced in place. The snap-fit design keeps bearings captive in a high-strength Delrin® cage when the drum is removed for maintenance.


For detailed product dimensions, please click on the ‘Other Information‘ tab below.

Or visit our marine site.

Delrin® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.
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Hydraulic Captive Reels
Hydraulic Captive Reels

Redefining Load Management

The result of four years of intense development at Harken Italy’s dedicated facility, captive winches are offered with pulling loads of 1.5 to 50 tonnes and are available in both Electric and Hydraulic.

The Harken Captive Reel Winch has a large diameter hollow drum allowing high line lengths, combined with high load capacity, while reducing weight to the lightest on the market. The feeder screw ensures the line is loaded onto the drum in a neat, tight roll so that it pays in and out smoothly with complete control.

Designed for use with fiber ropes, it offers lighter and easier handling.


Oceanic block bearings

Self-lubricating lead screw and sheave allow line to lie smoothly on the drum, even when slack.

Oceanic block bearings

Precise gearing provides even line take-up and release.


Remotely control long lines.

Winch Features

The first 60 mm of the drum is knurled, increasing holding power of initial line wraps and reducing line needed for effective trimming. The feeder transmission features twin feeder screws to balance the load on the feeder sheave assembly. Double-screw design positions screws close to the drum, reducing winch size by 10%-20% over similarly configured winches. Automatic disc brake between motor and gearbox is locked unless system is activated.

Two inner magnetic switches factory set at the feeder’s stroke limits prevent overtravel. Two outer fail-safe limit switches automatically engage the brake. Using a synchronised transmission, four gears drive the twin feeder screws. Adjust line size by changing two gear sets on the motor end of the winch. The winch is driven by an industrial sealed hydraulic motor.


Winch frame and drum are 6061 Hardcoat anodized aluminum to reduce weight. Feeder screw nut and feeder skate are made of a self-lubricating composite. The gear cover is carbon fiber.


All parts connected to hydraulic or electric circuitry, screw bearings, and gear transmission are on motor side of winch for easy access. All bearings are sealed, and lubricated with grease. The main gearbox is sealed, and lubricated with oil.


Line exits from the winch are available in left or right configurations. Two-speed or variable-speed hydraulic motors available.
Captives come in 1.5T, 3T, 6T, 9T, 12T, 16T, 18t and 25T MWL

Read more about our Hydraulic captive reel winches on our marine site.

For further information and full specifications please see the ‘Other Information’ tab.

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Designed to Withstand Demanding Conditions

Harken offers a range of winches to take the work out of load management. The winches handle rope diameters from 6 – 32 mm with loadings from 50 kg – 70 metric tons. Applications include emergency recovery, manual load handling, tripod applications, electric and manual davit arms, and certified personal hoisting. The range of power ratios helps to reduce fatigue and risk of injury when managing heavy loads.

Simple to use and Ideal for Moving Heavy Loads

Harken winches are used in a wide range of industries:

• Construction
• Theatrical
• Renewable energy
• Architectural
• Facilities management
• Utilities, oil & gas



Efficient and dependable, Radial Line® winches are powerful performers. The shaped drums feature diagonal ribs to maximize gripping power and reduce line wear. Lightweight high-strength bearings and bushings reduce friction under load, are corrosion resistant, and do not require lubrication.



Powered winches allow the operator to handle high loads with push-button control. Vertical or horizontal motors offer flexible mounting options.


High Power, Ultra Lightweight

Use when high load capacity and high strength-to-weight ratios are critical. The wide drums provide extra surface area to secure high-tech rope. Winches can be driven by electric or hydraulic motor or pedestal for power, or with a standard winch handle.

captive reel


Captive Reel

These compact, powerful winches redefine load management. The feeder screw ensures the line is loaded onto the drum smoothly, so it pays in and out with complete control.



Harken can supply manual winch handles, spare parts and servicing kits for the winch range making them easy to service and maintain.No need to send the parts back to the manufacturer.


Visit our Marine site to see the full range of our winches or contact us to discuss your requirements.


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Electric Captive Reels
Electric Captive Reels

Harken electric captive reel winches provide a robust and compact system for managing high loads with fiber rope. Use for remote line handling:raise/lower lines all at the touch of a button.  No need for a hydraulic system with these electric captives.

Lightweight, Low-Maintenance Materials

The winch frame and drum are 6061-T6 hardcoat-anodized aluminum. Most components are modular for easy reassembly and inspection.


A gear-and-chain transmission drives the feeder screw, allowing the line to lie smoothly on the drum in a single layer.

Feeder Screw

The screw design positions the screw close to the drum, reducing winch size.

Mechanical Switch

A mechanical switch limits the stroke of the feeder to prevent overtravel.

Slack Line Sensor

A mechanical slack line system stops the drum from turning when there is no load on the line, preventing overrides.

Easy Maintenance

All parts connected to electrical circuitry are positioned on the same side for maintenance. The screw bearings and gear transmission are also located on this side for easy inspection. Bearings are self-lubricated. The main gearbox is sealed and lubricated with oil.


Electric Captives are available in 1.5-ton and 3-ton sizes with standard 12-volt and 24-voltpower. 12V and 24V have maximum line speeds of 12 and 13 meters per minute respectively. The winch has a single gear and is managed with push buttons for easy line management.

Click on the ‘Other Information’ tab for detailed product specification.

Read more about our Electric Captive Reel winches on our marine site.

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UniPower 900 Radial Line® Winch
UniPower 900 Radial Line® Winch

Part No.

Low-profile Electric Winch

  • This single-speed winch combines the advantages of a low-profile manual winch with the power of a 12- or 24-volt, low-amp-draw motor.

  • The motor is partially imbedded inside the drum, so that it extends only 105 mm (4 1/8″) below the winch base.


Oceanic block bearings

The gripping surface geometry is optimized for each drum material.

Oceanic block bearings

If there is a loss of power, the UniPower can be operated manually using a standard winch handle.


Winching applications where space is at a premium and low current draw is important.


The drum features the Harken Radial grip for minimal line wear and controlled easing. The low-amp, high-efficiency motor, and the low friction of the roller bearings, minimize power draw. Winches include a waterproof switch and a one-speed control box. A built-in current controller protects hardware by electronically limiting the winch’s maximum pull. The UniPower can be driven by a standard handle if there is a loss of power.


UniPower Radial drums are available in hardcoat-anodized aluminum (900UPWA), or mirror-finished chromed bronze (900UPWAC). The stripper arm and load-carrying gears are stainless steel for strength and durability. High-strength composite self-tailing jaws and skirt save weight. Composite roller bearings are lightweight, reliable, and maintenance-free.


Harken recommends professional installation, with wiring checked by a certified electrician.


Apply a light coat of grease to the gears, and oil the pawls and springs. Remove dirt with a mild solvent. Periodically check electrical connections.

For detailed product dimensions, please click on the ‘Other Information’ tab below.

Or visit our marine site.

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