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Ball Bearing Cam Cleats

Engage, Hold, Release Rope Easily Under Load

Nothing beats Harken Industrial ball bearing cam cleats for a secure grip. Cleat engages rope with a downward snap of the wrist, keeps it where you put it, and releases quickly- even under high loads. Ideal for material handling and for use in the exercise equipment and theatrical industries.

proctective tooth


Protective Tooth Design

Each rope size is held securely by the most number of teeth which squeeze, rather than cut into the rope, greatly reducing wear.

engage and release


Engage and Release Easily

Cam cleats engage under maximum tension, hold securely, and release instantly under load. Multiple rows of UV-stabilized ball bearings reduce friction. The cam’s V-shape guides rope for easy entry.

materials for different loadings


Materials for Different Load Ranges

Hard Lube-anodized aluminium for high loads; lightweight, UV-stabilized composite also available for low-load applications. Contact Harken Industrial.

full range


Full Range of Accessories

Stainless eyestraps, colored flairleads, fairleads, and cam cleats guide rope, with some releasing and recleating up to 90 degrees; adapter plates ensure optimal cleating heights; wedge kits and risers improve cam angles.

For product details and specifications, please see the table below.

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Other Information

Description Rope Ø Fasteners Max Rated Load Breaking Load
Min Max
in mm in mm in mm lb kN lb kN
468 Micro aluminum cleat 3/32 2 1/4 6 #8 RH 4 RH 150 0.7 400 1.8
150 Standard aluminum cleat 1/8 3 1/2 12 #10 FH 5 FH 200 0.9 750 3.3
280 Large aluminum cleat 1/4 6 5/8 16 1/4 FH 6 FH 500 2.2 1000 4.5