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C-Hero® Rescue Davit

Part of the C-Hero® complete Man Overboard Rescue System
Manufactured by Harken Industrial

Part No. IN144.6FT

The Rescue Davit is a portable lightweight man overboard lifting davit that quickly attaches to any bitt on a boat. The straps and brackets on the back of the unit allow customization for any bitt. The davit is light enough (only 17.2 kg or 38 lb) for one person to retrieve and carry into position. It attaches to the bitt in less than 30 seconds. One small person on deck can hoist a 159kg (350 lb) person aboard using the included Radial winch. The boom is long enough to clear tires and fenders; the worm gear controls the boom swing.

Constructed of anodized marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel to withstand harsh marine environments.

Use the Rescue Davit with the VR 12 Rescue Pole, sold separately, to complete the system. C-Hero model: VR-12 Rescue Pole and Rescue Davit are Type Approval Certified.

Rescue Davit Features:

5 cm (2″) adjustable polypropylene straps with latch clamps for tightening

15.2 cm x 7.6 cm x 61 cm (6″ x 3″ x 24″) aluminum tubing hold the adjustable feet and stabilizers

System features Harken Industrial 20STA Radial winch (or an upgrade to a 35.2 STA 2-speed winch), Spinlock rope brake and 20.3 cm (8″) Harken Industrial winch handle

Worm gear and handle control boom swing

13.7 m (45′) long, 10 mm lift line with stopper ball and hook, 6 mm tension line


Product Details

Part No. Description Approximate Overall Size Davit Length Weight
IN144.6FT Rescue Davit 206 cm x 43 cm x 37 cm

81″ x 17″ x 14.25″

2 m – 6’8″ 17.2 kg – 38 lb


Part N°



Rescue Davit

Approximate Overall Size

206 cm x 43 cm x 37 cm – 81" x 17" x 14.25"

Davit Length

2 m – 6'8"


Product Video

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