Electric Captive Reels

Harken electric captive reel winches provide a robust and compact system for managing high loads with fiber rope. Use for remote line handling:raise/lower lines all at the touch of a button.  No need for a hydraulic system with these electric captives.

Lightweight, Low-Maintenance Materials

The winch frame and drum are 6061-T6 hardcoat-anodized aluminum. Most components are modular for easy reassembly and inspection.


A gear-and-chain transmission drives the feeder screw, allowing the line to lie smoothly on the drum in a single layer.

Feeder Screw

The screw design positions the screw close to the drum, reducing winch size.

Mechanical Switch

A mechanical switch limits the stroke of the feeder to prevent overtravel.

Slack Line Sensor

A mechanical slack line system stops the drum from turning when there is no load on the line, preventing overrides.

Easy Maintenance

All parts connected to electrical circuitry are positioned on the same side for maintenance. The screw bearings and gear transmission are also located on this side for easy inspection. Bearings are self-lubricated. The main gearbox is sealed and lubricated with oil.


Electric Captives are available in 1.5-ton and 3-ton sizes with standard 12-volt and 24-voltpower. 12V and 24V have maximum line speeds of 12 and 13 meters per minute respectively. The winch has a single gear and is managed with push buttons for easy line management.

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Other Informations

Electric captive reels


Maximum Dynamic Pull

From 1500 kg, (3300 Ib) to 3000 kg (6600 Ib )

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