Fixed and Removable Padeyes

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Fixed Padeyes

In-deck Loop padeyes are recessed into the mounting surface creating a discreet, low profile design.

Lightweight and compact, Harken Industrial padeyes work well with almost any soft-attach pulley, including Black Magic Loop blocks, Snatch blocks and TTR pulleys. U-Bolt padeyes work with soft and hard attachments.

Padeyes are available in mirror-polished 17-4 PH stainless steel to complement any design detail.



For information on fixed payeye dimensions and maximum working loads, click on the table below.

Fixed padeyes

Removable Padeyes

Harken Industrial offers a variety of removable padeyes for pulleys, from the 57 mm Black Magic, to custom pulleys with maximum working loads of 23,000 kg (57,715 lb). Bases swivel so that padeyes align to the load, preventing the reduction of the pulley’s maximum working load. This unique swivel feature is a Harken Industrial exclusive.

Removable padeyes_800

For information on removable payeye dimensions and maximum working loads, click on the table below.

Removable padeyes

If you require further assitance on fixed and removable padeyes, contact the team at Harken Industrial.

Warnings and Instructions - You must carefully read, understand, and follow all of the warnings and instructions in the user manual provided by Harken industrial in order to avoid an accident. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum rated load.

This product is part of a personal fall-arrest system. It is the installers responsibility to ensure the suitability of base materials into which the structural anchor device is fixed. Alterations or misuse of this equipment, or failure to follow these instructions, may result in a fall or failure to arrest a fall leading to serious injury or death.