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McLube® Antifoul Alternative

Part No. 7881

The Environmentally-Friendly Antifoul Speed Polish for Everything below the Waterline!

McLube’s Antifoul Alternative is a breakthrough high-gloss; non-abrasive polish that inhibits marine growth below the waterline, keeping hulls fast and clean for weeks at a time. Citrus based, it is earth-friendly, biodegradable and safe to use.

Antifoul Alternative applies quickly and easily onto all hull types and surfaces, including Hypalon® tubes and other plastics and below-water metal fittings e.g. props and drive shafts. Powerful UV protection keeps cleaning to a minimum when the hull comes out of the water.


Everywhere below the waterline – hulls, props, engine drive shafts, RIB tubes.


  • Combines McLube’s bonded PTFE suspension system with citrus-based, long-lasting, high-gloss polish
  • Quick and easy to apply to any hull surface or underwater fitting
  • Combats, stifles marine growth and slime; keeps hulls fast and clean for weeks
  • Four times the UV protection of most marine polishes
  • Reduces drag and increases efficiency on all hull types

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McLube is a registered trademark of McGee Industries, Inc.
Hypalon is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company.


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Other Information

Non-toxic, non-metallic, non-leaching

Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable

Q: How long does Antifoul Alternative polish last?

A:  One coating at the beginning of each season will keep your hull looking great and performing nicely all season long.

Q: Is it good for the hull only? What about props and inflatable tubes? Is there anything else that it could work on?

A:  It works everywhere below the waterline: hull, props, engine drive shafts and RIB tubes, especially the undersides which are often prone to marine growth and can be very hard to keep clean.  Antifoul Alternative can even be used as a metal polish around the transom/stern to keep unsightly exhaust marks from adhering to the boat.

Q: Is this polish abrasive in any way (RIB tubes, spray-finished hulls, etc.)?

A:  McLube Antifoul Alternative is completely non-abrasive.

Q: Is there anywhere Antifoul Alternative should not be applied?

A:  Do not apply anywhere that requires "grip" e.g. the tops of tubes where people enter and exit a RIB, and floor areas that should be non-slip for safety reason


Bottle Size

473 ml

Application directions:

Shake bottle well

Apply small amount to a damp washcloth or small sponge and wipe onto hull in a circular motion. Only apply onto a small area at a time (1 square meter ). Do not allow to dry on hull surface.

Immediately polish away any excess with a dry towel, soft cloth or micro-fibre cloth (do not allow product to dry; polish away excess immediately upon application - within 90 seconds). No wait time, and no crusty haze to remove. Just wipe on and immediately wipe away excess.

Move onto the next area of the hull. It’s that easy.