27 mm Access Rail


The Harken Access Rail system is designed to be used as an adjustable anchorage point for external maintenance. This system provides freedom of movement at height, and also the ability to lock into position while working.

Simple to use and ideal for diverse applications

The 27 mm Access Rail systems has a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of industries:

• Construction/steel frame and envelope projects
• Stage management, filming and rigging
• Renewable energy/blade cleaning
• Architectural/building survey
• Facilities management/asset integrity inspections
• Vessel maintenance

System components (click product to enlarge)

27 mm components



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27 mm specifications

Access Rail case study


Harken Access Rail Exceeds Updated EN795:2012 Regulations


Max Working Load


10 years

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Q: Is the Harken Access Rail covered by any industry legislation?
A: Yes. The Harken 27 mm and 32 mm Access Rail systems are CE certified and tested under EN 795:2012 Type B/D, meet ANSI Z359 and are OSHA compliant. Due to ongoing regulatory changes, individual components are no longer CE marked.

Q: I already work with a rail system. Do I need additional training to work with the Harken Access Rail?
A: Skills learned while working with other rail systems are transferable. However, a short training session to become familiar with the Harken system is required to ensure safe installation and working practice.

Q: Can the Harken Access Rail be fitted retroactively?
A: Yes. The simplicity of the system means it can easily be installed on existing buildings.

Q: What benefits does the Harken Access Rail system offer me over others?
A: The construction and materials used in the Harken Access Rail have created a stronger system, with smoother linear motion. The Access Rail is made of anodized, one-piece aluminum components, ensuring corrosion resistance, low maintenance, and a long working life.

Harken Exception - This product may be used for Human Suspension.

Warnings and Instructions
You must carefully read, understand, and follow all of the warnings and instructions in the User Manual provided by Harken in order to avoid an accident.
Never, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum rated load.