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Harken trolley and rail systems provide a simple low-maintenance way to move loads smoothly.

The rail is a simple, strong, low-maintenance system on which the load travels. Harken offer 4 sizes of rail.  Select size and length of rail (sizes listed by width measurement of top of rail in millimeters).

System components 

low beam circle


Low-beam rail
Choose low-beam rail if it will be supported the entire length.

High-beam rail
Choose high-beam rail for spanning unsupported spaces.


Endstops absorb shock loads and prevent the trolley from coming off the rail.

Curved rail 

Rails can be bent to suit a variety of applications.

Minor bends can often be made when the rail is installed. If the rail requires more bend, Harken can provide horizontal, vertical, or compound curves to specification.

The trolley’s length must suit the track radius to carry the correct load and perform smoothly. If the load requires a long trolley, but the radius is too tight, consider using two short trolley joined by a coupler.

Below are the profiles of the 4 sizes of rails.
Rail profiles

Click on the table below to see our range of rails.
Rail table dec 15

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Q: Can Harken trolley and rail systems be fitted retroactively?
A. Yes. The simplicity of the systems means they can be easily installed at a later date.

Q: Are Harken trolley and rail systems able to accommodate a radius?
A: Yes. Trolley and rail systems can accommodate a radius bend. Contact Harken for information.

Q: Are Harken rail and trolley systems suitable for human suspension?
A: No. Only 27 mm and 32 mm Access Rail systems are certified. Please Access rail pages for further information.

Q: What other benefits are there to Harken trolley and rail systems?
A: Harken strong, lightweight trolleys and rails are specifically designed to resist the corrosive effects of an outdoor environment. Stainless steel wire guides hold ball bearings captive when the trolley is removed from the rail. An open-ball race makes trolleys easy to clean with soap and water.

<p><strong>Harken Exception - Harken Access Rail maybe used for Human Suspension.</strong></p>