Shock Mitigation Seat Rail System


This system is specifically designed for the marine environment, giving you a flexible cockpit layout with fast, hassle-free reconfiguration.

We tested this system over 19.5 kN to meet HSC regulations.

How does it work? 

Seats are mounted on four trolleys that run on parallel rails. Two of the trolleys have pinstops that locate into the holes in the rails. Two trolleys are free sliding.

To adjust the trolley location, simply raise the two pinstops and slide to new location.

Trolley design

  • Strong – tested to over 20 kN
  • Adaptable – can be fitted to dive tank racks, weapons racks,deck boxes etc.
  • Compact – only 33 mm wide; minimum intrusion on cockpit sole
  • Black hardcoat-anodized; maximum corrosion resistance

Rail design

  • High strength 6061-T6 aluminum low-profile rail—only 22 mm
  • Hardcoat-anodized for maximum protection
  • 33 mm pinstop hole spacing for maximum flexibility in seat spacing
  • Countersunk M5 fasteners for flush fit.
  • Underside of track recess for mastic sealant.

RT delrin insulating sliders


Delrin® insulating sliders
• No metal-to-metal contact
• No lubrication required
• Low friction
• Smooth movement
• Minimum rattle

RT delrin insulating sliders 2


Spring mounted pinstops
• Secure seat location
• Quick and easy adjustment

RT end stops


Removable pinstop end allows seats to come off rail

RT end stops 2


Low-Profile endstops
Low-profile endstop for smooth, snag-free end

System Components
Rib track table

Installation and maintenance

Flush clean with fresh water and mild detergent. To reduce friction further, use McLube® high-performance dry lubricant. Do not use oils or greases.

For added protection against corrosion, Harken UK recommends using Tef-Gel® corrosion eliminator on the fasteners when installing the rail.

RIB Seat Track case study

McLube is a registered trademark of of McGee Industries.
Delrin is a registered trademark of E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.
Tef-Gel is a registered trademark of Ultra Safety Systems.