» Safer at Sea – Windfarm Support and Maintenance

Safer at Sea – Windfarm Support and Maintenance

Harken Industrial’s expertise in the application of fibrous rope technology, load-handling, and working-at-height means greater agility, productivity, and safety for those working in offshore wind.

The Harken Industrial PowerSeat® (gas, electric, or battery powered) makes ascending the tallest turbines effortless. Harken Industrial’s Riggers Winch provides a lightweight, CE certified, portable winch that’s complemented by a range of 400 strong-but-light pulleys.

A leader in fall-restraint systems, Harken Industrial’s Access Rail system keeps workers safe at height. The TR31 system provides a safe anchorage during crew transfers to and from support vessels.

Windfarm Support and Maintenance from Harken Industrial

PowerSeat – Enable Rapid, Safe Access for Inspection and Maintenance

– The Harken Industrial PowerSeat effortlessly delivers operatives to and from height with equipment up to 300 kg

– Increases productivity compared to traditional abseil/climb methods – estimated up to 30%

– Reduces the effort of working at height

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Access Rail System – A Secure Solution for Fall Restraint, Fall Arrest, and Suspended Work Positioning

– Provides safe, smooth-running freedom of movement under load

– Designed for extreme conditions. This means minimal maintenance – even in exposed locations

– Sufficient excess load-bearing capability to be used in multi-user systems

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lokhead winch

LokHead Winch and Pulleys – Improve Load-handling and Safety

– Designed for high loads and fibrous rope with optional power assist and no rope length limit

– A fixed or portable capstan winch that eliminates accidental rope release

– Diverse range of pulleys with breaking loads up to 120 kN (26,455 lb), sheave diameters to 150 mm, and EN13157 certified

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TR31 Tight Radius Fall Restraint System

– Provides fall restraint and arrest anchorage for crew and service personnel, working on, embarking and disembarking from service vessels to turbines

– Easy retrofit to any vessel

– Can offer uninterrupted protection around the perimeter of a service vessel

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Man Overboard 6:1 Recovery System

– All-in-one, ready-to-deploy kit enables a one-man recovery

– Tamper-evident marking ensures integrity of kit

– Developed in collaboration with lead offshore operators

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Attachment Points (Static and Moveable)

– Harken Industrial’s durable stainless steel anchorage points are rated for loads up to 225 kN (Max working load)

– Folding, recessed, removable or standard eye options

– EN795.2012 options available for personal anchorage in fall arrest or human suspension

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