» Safer at Sea – Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Safer at Sea – Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Critical to the functioning of a platform, lifting and moving heavy loads still accounts for unacceptably high rates of injury.

Harken Industrial’s ‘strong-but-light’ approach to load handling reduces impact.

The Harken Industrial range of blocks, fibrous rope and industry-leading winch technology enables safe, low-friction load management while reducing fatigue and risk of injury.

Safer at Sea Solutions from Harken Industrial

Harken Industrial Riggers Winch 

– Portable and reliable manual lifting device

– Lifting device developed for long-term use where space is limited

– Can be driven by a power or pneumatic drill with an adapter


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lokhead winch

LokHead Winch and Pulleys – Improve Load-handling and Safety

– Designed for high loads and fibrous rope with manual or drill-powered drive using an adapter

– A fixed or portable capstan winch that eliminates accidental rope release

– Breaking loads to 12,000 kg (26,455 lb), sheave diameters to 150 mm, and EN13157 certified

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Fibrous Rope Winches – Smarter, Safer Load-handling Solutions for Oil and Gas Platforms

– Designed to withstand the most demanding environments

– Load management from 50 kg to 70 tons

– Manual, electric or hydraulic power options

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SBL Snatch Pulleys- The Ultimate in Power-to-weight Efficiency

– Corrosion resistant and ultra-light weight (25% less than comparable pulleys)

– Available in three sizes, handing loads up to 220 kN with safety factor of 4

– Highly efficient composite bearings

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Man overboard 6:1 Recovery System

– All-in-one, ready-to-deploy kit enables a one-man recovery

– Tamper-evident marking ensures integrity of kit

– Developed in collaboration with offshore operators

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Attachment Points (Static and Moveable)

– Harken Industrial’s stainless steel anchorage points are rated for loads up to 225 kN (Max. working load)

– Folding, recessed, removable or standard eye options

– EN795.2012 options available for personal anchorage in fall arrest or human suspension

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