» Safer at Sea – Superyacht Industry

Safer at Sea – Superyacht Industry

Increasing pressures to ensure safety compliance, plus a trend to ever-larger superyachts, calls for a fresh approach to health & safety.

Harken’s approach to Safer at Sea mitigates risks to crew by eliminating injuries from routine movements of recreational watercraft and tenders or heavy machinery in engine rooms, as well as effectively responding to incidents such as man-overboard.

Safer at Sea solutions from Harken

Ensure MGN 422 (M) compliance – working oversides

– Working overside/aloft requires systems that ensure health & safety compliance

– Traditional gantlines risk non-compliance & increase task time

– Harken’s Access Rail systems delivers mobility, security and compliance

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Nav’ Mast Maintenance – MGN410 & LOLER compliance

– Taller, and increasingly busy nav masts call for a safer and fit-for-purpose solution to mast access and maintenance

– Harken Nav’ Mast kit, a compact and rapidly deployable solution puts crew safely on the spot

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Man Overboard Kit

– A MOB can rapidly escalate to become a life threatening incident

– Harken MOB kit, a complete self-contained MOB pack with tamper evident markings, contributes to a rapid and safe recovery of a casualty

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Tender bays & garages

– Ensure the safe and injury free handling of tenders and recreational watercraft

– Harken rail & car systems provide practical solutions to man-handling assets in confined spaces, reducing the risk of damage and injuries to crew

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Engine room access

– Unplanned maintenance or component failures can disrupt a superyacht's schedule

– Risks of injuries when moving heavy machinery increases in confined spaces such as engine rooms

– Quick and easy to retrofit, Harken's rail systems enable crew to move heavy machinery to and from the workbench without risk of injury

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davits, superyacht

Davit systems

– Improve handling of tenders, Ribs and other loads on superyachts

– Reduce risk of strains & injury


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Attachment Points (Static & Moveable)

– Harken’s range of durable stainless steel anchorage points are rated for loads up to 225 kN

– Folding, recessed, removable or standard eye options

– EN795.2012 options available for human suspension

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