UniPower 900 Radial Line® Winch

Part No.

Low-profile electric winch

  • This single-speed winch combines the advantages of a low-profile manual winch with the power of a 12- or 24-volt, low-amp-draw motor.

  • The motor is partially imbedded inside the drum, so that it extends only 105 mm (4 1/8″) below the winch base.


Oceanic block bearings

The gripping surface geometry is optimized for each drum material.

Oceanic block bearings

If there is a loss of power, the UniPower can be operated manually using a standard winch handle.

Winching applications where space is at a premium and low current draw is important.

The drum features the Harken Radial grip for minimal line wear and controlled easing. The low-amp, high-efficiency motor, and the low friction of the roller bearings, minimize power draw. Winches include a waterproof switch and a one-speed control box. A built-in current controller protects hardware by electronically limiting the winch’s maximum pull. The UniPower can be driven by a standard handle if there is a loss of power.

UniPower Radial drums are available in hardcoat-anodized aluminum (900UPWA), or mirror-finished chromed bronze (900UPWAC). The stripper arm and load-carrying gears are stainless steel for strength and durability. High-strength composite self-tailing jaws and skirt save weight. Composite roller bearings are lightweight, reliable, and maintenance-free.

Harken recommends professional installation, with wiring checked by a certified electrician.

Apply a light coat of grease to the gears, and oil the pawls and springs. Remove dirt with a mild solvent. Periodically check electrical connections.

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From 12 kg (26.5 lb) for the 900UPWA

Rope diameter

8 – 14 mm (5/16 – 9/16″)