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Making Things Safer, Lighter, More Efficient

Harken Industrial™ is a division of Harken®, Inc., a privately held company with more than 50 years of experience at the technological front of the sailing equipment industry. Building upon this background, Harken Industrial has developed industrial equipment that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

Harken Industrial engineers and manufactures a wide range of efficient, durable, lightweight, load-handling and safe access solutions. Harken Industrial’s low-friction products include fiber rope winches, pulleys, trolley and rail systems, static attachments, and rope ascent and controlled descent products. Where required, our equipment includes regulatory certifications for human suspension and fall protection.

Because our lighter weight, lower friction products are more mobile, your team is more agile, there is less strain on workers and on load-bearing infrastructure. Your organization can complete jobs with smaller teams. Our solutions bring efficiencies that translate into improved safety as well as long-term benefits to the bottom line.

The real fuel behind a company's success is its people. Peter and Olaf Harken recognized this basic business principle more than 50 years ago when starting their company amidst the fields and lakes of America’s Midwest. Since those early days, Harken has grown from a backyard dream of two brothers to a global reality with 11 offices around the world and distribution in 48 countries.

We have more than 80,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity in two state-of-the-art facilities in the USA and Italy. We are committed to quality and product testing. Our USA facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, with our Italian facility soon to follow.

Our global network of distributors provides service and support before and after each sale. Elevated Safety (elevatedsafety.com), a Harken Industrial company, provides training and consulting services in industrial rope access and rescue. Those services include training in working at height, confined space access and rescue, fire rescue and SPRAT certification. In addition to Elevated Safety, Harken Industrial has a growing network of official training partners around the world including SWS -- Safety Work Services (safetyworkservices.com) in the Italian city of Peschiera Borromeo.


Our philosophy is simple. We strive to live up to what's known around here as our four Weather Marks:

  • Keep the well-being of your people first.
  • Make the best products at a fair price.
  • Service your customers beyond their expectations.
  • Never lose the basic judgment you've been taught: your sense of right from wrong.


These guiding principles will never change. This isn’t just “corporate speak.” We lean on them when we make decisions. Really.

The Harken story has been full of twists, turns, successes, and reinventions, but through it all the goal of challenging the status quo and commitment to excellence has always remained the same.

Harken Industrial Experts

Federico Andreas Campari

Harken Industrial Area Sales Manager (Italy)
Lives in Milan, Italy
In the industry since 2014

Background: My technical sales experience and safety knowledge help support my current position because good product demonstrations are fundamental when selling Harken Industrial products.

Proudest Harken Industrial Moment: The moment came after five years of hard work and traveling around the world visiting customers, running product demonstrations, and attending shows and exhibitions. I knew the Harken Industrial brand had established its place among the other strong brands in our industry. I enjoy having the chance to deal with many customers around the world with different cultures and different approaches to the markets.

Biggest Professional Challenge: Custom projects are always a challenge.

Personal: I’m European (half Italian and half German) and in my free time I enjoy trail running and traveling.

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Alexandre Gomez De Miranda

Technical Sales Engineer, Harken Industrial, France.
Lives in La Rochelle, France.
Firefighter since 2008; with Harken Industrial since 2021

Background: As a climber and mountaineer, I was immediately attracted to rope rescue when I joined the fire department. I discovered a real passion that allowed me to become a team leader, a rope rescue trainer and a rope access technician.

Proudest Harken Industrial Moment: Joining this team of passionate people! I love working in a team and looking for the best solution for our customers together.

Biggest Professional Challenge: Continue to improve my skills in the rope industry to keep up with my clients.

PersonalI am a happy father of three boys! I have the pleasure of leading the association ROPE&WEB, to accompany spectacular slackline projects (Eiffel Tower, Aiguille du midi...), to write articles on rigging physics and rope rescue issues and above all, engaging in sports! (crossfit, surfing, mountaineering).

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Ross Chapman

Co-managing Director Elevated Safety
Lives in Arlington Heights, Illinois
Firefighter/paramedic since 2004; with Elevated Safety since 2014

Background: I’ve always been attracted to the specialized nature of rope access and rescue. I really enjoy the combination of the physical and mental challenge. I also like the fact that there are so many various elements that contribute to how we operate in access and rescue, from the industrial side to the fire/rescue side to the other end of the spectrum on the mountain rescue and rock climbing.

Professional: International Association of Firefighters, International Technical Rescue Association Level 3 Rope Instructor, SPRAT Level 3, Rescue Squad Officer for Illinois Task Force 1.

Proudest moments: The birth of my daughter. Other than that, crossing the Ironman finish line. Professionally, it was a special moment being down at the 2019 SPRAT Conference where you saw all these guys proudly wearing Elevated Safety t-shirts and hats. It’s a testament to the hard work that our guys have put in over the years. Lastly, this year at Fire Department Instructor’s Conference, we had a trainer from Wyoming attend our tower rescue course and during class he told us, “Elevated Safety has set the standard for rope rescue training.” Hearing that was pretty neat especially from someone from over a thousand miles from our base.

Personal: I’m a big workout nut, love endurance sports, CrossFit, spending time with my girls and, of course, any day I can get on rope is a good day.

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Sean R. Cogan

Harken Industrial Sales Manager
Lives in Brevard, North Carolina
In the business since 2009

BackgroundClimbing has been a component of my life for many years. Situated in the Highlands of North Carolina I was driven in part by the proximity to challenging terrain and outstanding multi-pitch climbing. Incorporating the physical challenges of climbing, the intellectual aspect of problem solving and safe rigging, along with performing hands-on skills, led me to a career involving rope access.

Professional affiliations: SPRAT Standards Operating Committee Chair. SPRAT Level 3.

Proudest moments: Winning GRIMP North America. Essentially a group of friends of all different backgrounds and disciplines decided to form a team to compete against some of the world’s best technical rope rescue teams. We never thought we would win, but at least we would give it our best.

Personal: I’m always tinkering. I can be found in my barn working on an old truck, making furniture, or playing in the woods with my kids.

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Paolo Cuccia

Harken Industrial Internal Sales Specialist (Italy)
Lives in Milan, Italy
In the industry since 2013

Background: I have worked in different sales fields for 15 years, including consumer electronics, hospitality and electric tools for building and construction. This experience has taught me how to have good relationships with my customers using patience and professionalism to satisfy their needs.

Proudest Harken Industrial Moment: I have many proud moments but my favorite is when we secured “Nuvola di Fuksas,” a large convention center in Rome, installing 1.200 m of access rail systems. It was designed by Massimiliano Fuksas, one of the most famous designers in Europe.

I enjoy new opportunities and new relationships and receiving feedback from our customers that we are doing a great job using high-level, quality products with solid customer support.

Biggest Professional Challenge: It can be challenging trying to satisfy customers in the best way in a short amount of time.

Personal: I enjoy fishing, cooking and spending time with my wife and small dog.

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Max Delfi

Harken Industrial Sales Manager (Italy)
Lives in Peschiera Borromeo, Italy
In the industry since 2000

Background: My experience has grown in step-by-step mountaineering, moving more and more into professional rescue. I have worked on avalanche rescue systems, Heli-rescue, mountain rescue as well as height and rope access. My experience working with big brands allowed me to get to know the market at a high level, putting technical and professional competence at the center of my work.

Proudest Harken Industrial Moment: I am most proud when I see my team achieving their company goals while growing their own experiences and competencies. With them, I can feel good about the future of our division. My favorite part of my position is having a real global view and having opportunities to work closely with the best technical teams in the world.

Biggest Professional Challenge: It’s a challenge to compete in the market as a leader in capabilities, quality, and professionalism.

Personal: I am from a valley in the central part of the beautiful Alps close to Adamello-Brenta. I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife and three wonderful children. I am an alpinist and heavy metal drummer with a deep musical soul.

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Guy Fulford

Harken Industrial Technical Sales Engineer (United Kingdom)
Lives in Leicestershire, United Kingdom
In the industry since 2005

Background: Early in my career, while at a steeplejack firm, I was a height designer, estimator, project manager and trainer. I specialized in safety systems, rescue solutions and rope access projects. I was responsible for designing and selling projects and writing safety documentation while working with customers and operators of all skill levels. This experience has given me good working knowledge of equipment and techniques from operational and management perspectives.

Proudest Harken Industrial Moment: The opportunity to run the Harken Industrial department (United Kingdom) is my proudest moment. The atmosphere and team are great both in the United Kingdom and worldwide and we offer an amazing brand which is fun to be a part of.

Biggest Professional Challenge:  Harken Industrial continues to grow in the safety market and competes with large brands. It’s important to have strong product knowledge to be competitive which can be a challenge. But, at the same time, this helps make my position engaging and exciting.

Personal: In my free time I enjoy spending time with my children, getting outdoors, being active, building rope swings and playing sports. I also love indoor bouldering and climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding and playing squash. This year I look forward to exploring more sports and activities such as ice climbing!

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Pierre Massé

Harken Industrial Operational Manager (France)
Lives in La Rochelle, France
In the industry since 2007

Background: I was a sailor for the America's Cup. I also sailed on a very large (and my favorite) boat, the Mari-Cha 4. I have acquired a great deal of experience in rope handling, to trim sails or lift loads, finding that the sailing and rope access worlds are very similar.

Proudest Harken Industrial Moment: I enjoy being a part of the Harken team and learning how our new products cater to customer challenges. For example, a customer required a very precise system to place paintings in a museum.  We worked on a successful solution by using our hoist system and LokHead Kit.

Biggest Professional Challenge: My biggest challenge is finding hidden markets and customizing solutions specific to customer needs and their diverse industries.

Personal: I am originally from Piriac-sur-Mer, France, which in my opinion, is the most beautiful place in the world. I’m involved in a lot of different projects including organizing a tattoo convention in La Rochelle (Ink’Glorious Sailors) and also the biggest festival of heavy metal music in the world, Hellfest. But my favorite moments are spending time with my wife and three wonderful boys.

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Scott Mcaneney

Harken Industrial Sales Manager (Australia)
Lives in Wollongong, Australia
In the industry since 2006

Background: My background is in both rigging and height safety. I started rigging after high school in 2006 while working on cranes at Port Kembla Steel. I found that some of the practices in the industry weren’t safe. So, in 2015 I moved toward the height safety industry while working for Height Safety Engineers where I designed, inspected and installed both custom and proprietary rope access and fall arrest systems. While there, I also sold top-level fall arrest and rope access equipment, including the Harken Industrial brand, which helped me learn more about the market. That experience helped make the move to Harken Industrial a smooth transition in 2019.

Proudest Harken Industrial Moment: I enjoyed watching over a dozen operators painting Campbelltown Hospital while utilizing the Harken Industrial PowerSeat® ascenders. I also enjoy meeting new people and tackling challenges.

Biggest Professional Challenge: My biggest challenge has been setting up a professional and reliable Harken Industrial dealer network in each state across Australia and getting everyone up to speed on Harken Industrial products.

Personal: I spend my free time fishing, kayaking, swimming and barbequing with family and friends at our local lake, Lake Illawarra, which is a favorite gathering spot for locals and tourists on a sunny day. I also enjoy hiking the rainforests of Macquarie Pass.

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Nate Paulsberg

Co-managing Director Elevated Safety
Lives in Wauconda, Illinois
Firefighter since 2005 and with Elevated Safety since 2013

Background: US Navy veteran. I started out on the Palatine Fire Department Technical Rescue Team, started taking classes and then it grew from there. I kept progressing and wanting to learn more and just kept taking classes and going out to find more information. 

Professional: Lieutenant at Palatine Fire Department; Rescue Manager for Illinois Task Force 1 (also head of all rope operations and on the Swift Water Team). SPRAT Level 3.

Proudest moments: Being team leader for Elevated Safety and winning first place at GRIMP North America. Being part of the first North American team to compete at GRIMP Belgium. 

Personal: I coach youth lacrosse, track, and kickboxing, and go to my kids sporting and school events. I love being able to bring family along on work trips to see new things and explore new areas. I enjoy fishing, triathlons (four-time Ironman finisher), kickboxing and jiu jitsu, kayaking, and rock climbing.

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Joseph Rogat

Elevated Safety Industrial Account Executive
Lives in Missoula, Montana
Involved with search, rescue, and ropes since 2005, industrial rope work since 2014, and Elevated Safety since 2017

Background: I started climbing in high school and progressively became more involved in other sports and rescue skills involving rope. I gradually worked those hobbies into professions (i.e. guiding, teaching, etc.) Unfortunately, none of those held my interest as well as the more physically demanding work I did elsewhere. Eventually, rope access and rescue became a centerpiece.

Professional: SPRAT Level 3, National Speleological Society, National Cave Rescue Commission, National Safety Council, local search and rescue

Proudest moments:  Sub-2 hour 45 minute marathon, top 20 world championship trail marathoner, personal speed ascent on Mt. Rainier, climbing/guiding mountains above 20,000 feet, being part of the winning team at the GRIMP North America, regularly placing at obstacle course races, completing a solo 71-mile technical mountain trail run.

Personal: Be physically active outside: climb, mountaineer, bike, ski, boat, fish, run, paddle board, soccer, swim, camp, garden.

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Jim Stempien

Elevated Safety Sales Director
Lives in Chicago, Illinois
Firefighter/EMT since 2002; in the rope access business since 2014

Background: Before joining Elevated Safety in 2014, I began my rope work education with the fire service. I have been a career firefighter in Illinois for more than 12 years. There are opportunities to join special rescue teams (i.e. scuba, hazmat, technical rescue, etc.) in most full-time fire departments. I was most interested in the rope skills and working at height. I took some basic rope rescue classes with my fellow firefighters to get my feet wet. Not long after, I began to surround myself with like-minded people who wanted to advance their skills beyond the fire department, and learn to operate independently on rope in highly technical situations.     

Professional: SPRAT Level 1, Illinois Task Force 1, Urban Search and Rescue (Rescue Specialist / Swiftwater Rescuer), Illinois EMT/Paramedic,  Arlington Heights Fire Department.

Proudest moments: I am most proud of being a part of the Elevated Safety team, and working together to build something bigger than ourselves. When Ross and Nate approached me about creating a Supply Division of Elevated Safety, they captured my attention immediately. Was it because I am a little OCD, and that’s what it takes? Perhaps. But they also know my attention to detail, and my drive to educate all of the partners we work with. Our supply team works hard to make sure that our partners are operating with the right gear for the task at hand. Our goal is to make it happen…every time.  

Personal: All things fitness. Our team takes a lot of pride in being active, skilled and fit. It is not uncommon for us to initiate fitness challenges among our group. Never really to find a winner… more so just to see if we can complete it with integrity while having fun putting in the work.

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Tom Wood

Harken Industrial Project Manager
Lives in Morrison, Colorado
In the business since about 2007; joined Harken Industrial in 2018

Background: I spent 11 years as a commercial roofer, pretty much breaking every single rule for working at height. I’ve been a climber and caver for most of my adult life. And I’ve also spent the last 20 years volunteering for the Alpine Rescue Team in Colorado. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of great mentors to put me on the right path by merging my experiences in industrial work at height, my passion for technical rope rescue, and my climbing hobby.

Professional: I am a 20-year veteran of the Alpine Rescue Team. I am also a SPRAT Level 3, SPRAT Evaluator and Board Member, an International Technical Rescue Association (ITRA) Instructor, a National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC) certified Level 3 Cave Rescuer, a National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) Practical Examiner and the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) Terrestrial Rescue Delegate to the International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR).

Proudest moments: I am most proud of my family. They put up with my rescue and rope access obsessions and encourage me to push my boundaries. I am also proud of my fellow Harken/Elevated Safety teammates for winning the very first GRIMP North America competition in California. I am very honored to be a part of the Glacier Cave Explorers, serving as the Safety Officer for expeditions in both Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens. Becoming a published author in 2016 and having National Geographic publish my work in 2017 were also bucket list items for me.

Personal: I love writing, caving, mountaineering, ice climbing and trail running (when my aging knees aren’t screaming at me).

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Geoffrey van Wyk

Harken Industrial Technical Engineer/Commercial Marine Sales (United Kingdom)
Lives in Hythe, United Kingdom
In the industry since 2006

Background: I have worked in the superyacht industry for over 14 years spending many of those years as a superyacht chief engineer working on sailing and motor yachts up to 63 m long. This experience helped me gain knowledge in working with crews, owners, management companies, and operations. I also owned and operated a welding company where I learned about product and integration solutions.

Proudest Harken Industrial Moment: I enjoy working with a skillful and passionate team while promoting the TR31 Trolley within the UK commercial marine industry. It is a real breakthrough verses the established competition.  

Biggest Professional Challenge: Commercial marine is a difficult market to manage on a global level, as standards, certifications and the working understanding customers and end users have of safety, lifting and rescue, varies greatly.

Personal: I enjoy barbequing and walking in The New Forest (beautiful pasture in Southern England) with my family and dog. I also appreciate spending time with my daughter, sharing the love of archery.

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